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Anyway, Shi Xiaoya had quite a good understanding of Han Zhuolings personality by now.

Although this man was quite self-taught, he was still inexperienced.

It wasnt like he was really a ladies man.

Even the average Casanova would not dare to promise that he could completely understand what a woman was thinking.

Why would she make him rack his brains just to guess

Who knew how Han Zhuoling would think of this matter and whether he would think that women were too bored with their lives.

But Shi Xiaoya still told Han Zhuoling about it.

Since Shi Xiaoya already said it, Du Yiqin did not hide it either.

“Xiaoya doesnt know, there was a previous time too,” Du Yiqin said.

“The previous time was when you came the first time.

After you left with Xiaoya, she came to ask me about it.

“I said you are Xiaoyas boyfriend, but she still did not believe me.

“Hah, she just does not wish to see other people living well.”

“Understood.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

Du Yiqin thought to herself, what on earth was Han Zhuoling thinking

In the end, she saw Han Zhuoling holding Shi Xiaoyas hand and leading her to walk right up to the neighbors house.

Shi Xiaoya asked him curiously, “What are you planning to do”

“Nothing much.” Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Im just going over to say hello to the neighbor.”

Shi Xiaoya gaped in surprise.

Before she could stop him, Han Zhuoling had already pressed on the doorbell of the Zheng familys home.


Zhengs three close sisters were feeling bummed at that moment and even wanted to persuade Mrs.

Zheng to go out.

Suddenly, the helper auntie anxiously and urgently said, “Madam, what now What do we do Outside… Mr.

Han came to press on the doorbell!”

“What” Mrs.

Zheng panicked briefly at that moment.

Could it be that Du Yiqin and her daughter had complained to Han Zhuoling


Zheng was infuriated beyond words.

They were really ridiculous.

This was such a minor issue.

Wasnt it just because she asked a little more about it

She had not said anything nasty.

If that mother and daughter pair had complained about it, then they were really too narrow-minded!

But Han Zhuoling was already standing at the door.

The helper auntie asked, “Mr.

Han came over together with the neighbors young missy.

Madam, what should we do”

“What else can we do” Mrs.

Zheng said in annoyance.

“Of course open the door!”

The helper auntie quickly opened the door.


Zheng could not really wait for the person to come in at the entrance foyer, so she personally walked out to the courtyard entrance.

Her three close sisters naturally followed along.

Indeed, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya just stood at the main entrance and did not seem like they wanted to enter.


Zheng felt relieved that she came out herself too.

Or else, if she just kept waiting at the entrance foyer of her home, she would really not have seen them.

And she would even have kept them waiting outside at the main entrance.


Zheng dared to gossip about the Shi family, but she did not dare to offend Han Zhuoling.


Han, Xiaoya,” Mrs.

Zheng called out warmly the moment she came over.

“Quick, come in.”

“No need.” Han Zhuoling gave a faint smile.

Seeing the three people behind Mrs.

Zheng, he said, “Since you have friends here, we wont impose on you.

I just came over to say hello to the neighbors as Xiaoyas boyfriend.”


Zheng answered awkwardly, knowing deep down that Han Zhuoling came over just to stand up for Shi Xiaoya.

Personally acknowledging his relationship in front of her made her suspect that.

However, Mrs.

Zheng could adjust her emotions rather quickly.

She very quickly thought about how she could use this chance to establish some relations with Han Zhuoling.

Alas, because she had three close sisters around, the two of them refused to come in.

All the more Mrs.

Zheng regretted calling the three of them over now.

“Then we wont disturb you further.” Han Zhuoling smiled and turned to leave.

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