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Chapter 2040: Too Ashamed to See Anyone, Right


Zheng could only watch as Han Zhuoling brought Shi Xiaoya along and left again.

Du Yiqin was smiling exuberantly, but she also did not feel good to look too happy in front of Han Zhuoling.

Still, Han Zhuoling coming out personally to stand up for their Xiaoya really made her feel so happy!

She then heard Han Zhuoling say, “In the future, no matter what kind of matter it is, just tell me.

Ill handle it.”

Du Yiqin thought happily, “Han Zhuoling, this son-in-law, hes really the ultimate best!”


Little Yijuns 100-day baby shower was set on next Friday, in a small hall in Sheng Yue that could accommodate five to six tables.

But Wang Juhuai did not invite that many people.

He only invited the Han Family and the Shi family, planning it to simply be a family dinner.

Hence, only two tables were enough.

The remaining four tables were removed so they could add some more decorations.

Of course, these were all talk for later.

When the Friday on which the 100-day baby shower was to be held came around, Shi Xiaoya prepared her things once it was almost time to get off work in the evening.

She was waiting for Han Zhuoling to come out so she could follow him to go to Sheng Yue and attend the 100-day baby shower.

“Shi Xiaoya! Come out!”

“Shi Xiaoya! Get the hell out!”

“You have the guts to be a vixen to seduce men, but you dont have the guts to come out and meet people”

“Too ashamed to see anyone, right”

Shi Xiaoya was in her office editing videos when she suddenly heard the ruckus outside.

She could not hear it quite clearly, but she could make out that the other party was calling her name.

Shi Xiaoya found it strange.

Judging from the noise outside, it did not sound like a good thing.

The voice outside sounded fierce and aggressive.

Shi Xiaoya opened the door and saw that a few colleagues were trying to stop a middle-aged woman.

This woman looked a little plump due to her age, but she was dressed very exquisitely.

With one look, it seemed as if she had put on a pair of jade earrings, had a big diamond ring on her left ring finger, and wore a green jade ring on her right middle finger.

She was even wearing a diamond-studded bracelet around her wrists.

She was carrying a Hermes Platinum bag, donning Chanel, and wearing a pair of classic diamond buckle Manolo Blahniks.

Her getup was really… quite extravagant.

Shi Xiaoyas lips twitched.

Whether or not this outfit looked good on this slightly plump middle-aged woman, at least she looked pretty rich.

At this moment, she heard the other party shout and rant, “Shi Xiaoya, you finally came out! Im going to rip you apart.

You cheap sl*t!”

“Madam, I dont know you.” Shi Xiaoya walked up to her.

Luckily, there were also male colleagues in the office who managed to hold the middle-aged woman back.

Or else, given her shrewishness, a few young ladies would really not have been enough to handle her.

Seeing the situation, Shi Xiaoya immediately called security.

Qin Zigou, who had just returned from abroad a few days ago, was further inside the studio, so he would not be able to hear the ruckus outside.

It was the employees on Shi Xiaoyas side whod seized the chance to go and look for Qin Zigou.

So, Qin Zigou came out as well.

The moment he came out, he saw that Shi Xiaoya was there too and quickly shielded her behind him.

Seeing such a messy situation, Qin Zigou chided, “What did you come out for”

“Shes calling my name out and scolding me openly.

How can I not come out and see what exactly is the matter” Shi Xiaoya was not scared out of her wits by this scene and was very composed.

Clearly, she already had an idea in her mind.

Qin Zigou then did not intervene and just made sure that Shi Xiaoya would not get injured or suffer.

If Shi Xiaoya could not handle it, he would then intervene.

At this moment, the security officers came up as well.

Guo Yujie immediately said, “How can you easily let someone of an unknown background come up”

The security officers mumbled and stuttered, not daring to say much.

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