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Chapter 2045: Revenge

If Han Zhuoling was really seeking confirmation, no matter how stupid this middle-aged woman was, she could also sense that his tone was off.

He did not sound like he was curious about Shi Xiaoyas past at all.

He sounded more like he was going to seek justice for Shi Xiaoya.

Although the middle-aged woman took the money, she felt that that money was not enough for her to take the risk in front of Han Zhuoling.

“You dont dare to say it anymore” Han Zhuoling said plainly.

His voice was not loud.

But as long as Han Zhuoling spoke, no one dared to make a sound.

Not even whisper in hushed voices.

When Han Zhuoling stood here, his aura became even more imposing than Shi Xiaoya and Qin Zigou combined.

“The words you dont dare to say here, you can go and tell the police, then, Han Zhuoling said coldly.

“No matter who sent you here, dont expect that person to save you.”

At the same time that Han Zhuoling said that, he took his phone out to call the police.

Afterward, Han Zhuoling was seen calling his lawyer.

He said something about slander and wanting to sue.

The middle-aged woman was uncultured and was actually just a country bumpkin with a shrewish personality.

Xia Yixin saw her quarreling with someone by the roadside and felt that her fighting power was very strong.

Xia Yixin did not have any hopes that these lies would really do anything to Shi Xiaoya.

But it would be very good if it could at least vilify her.

To seize the chance to make this incident public among those people who did not know better, as there would naturally be people who were willing to believe it.

She also did not hope that this matter would be able to make Han Zhuoling break up with Shi Xiaoya.

But as long as incidents like these recur, there would surely be a day when shed have enough and want to break up.

And such things could make Shi Xiaoya too embarrassed to face other people!

How could the middle-aged woman have experienced such serious situations

Usually, she also just scolded and quarreled with other people.

She had never even walked past the doors of the police station, much less encountered lawyers or experienced being sued.

Hearing Han Zhuoling say all these, she instantly got scared until her knees turned weak.

When Han Zhuoling ended the call, the middle-aged woman made a last-ditch attempt and hollered, “Im not lying! She was the one who seduced my man! Shes a mistress, a vixen!

“Dont worry, your husband will also be found.

I want to see if he can actually afford to keep any mistresses.” Han Zhuoling scoffed mockingly.

Not long after he said that, the police officers arrived.

With everyone present in the work studio to witness, the police officers brought this middle-aged woman back to the police station.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya naturally also went there.

Guo Yujie and Qin Zigou also went with them as eyewitnesses.

On the way there, Han Zhuoling was worried that among those people in the crowd, some would have taken videos and posted them online.

So he contacted someone at the first instance.

As long as someone spread videos regarding this incident, they would not be able to pass the check and could forget about posting it online.

“Do you have any suspects in mind for this incident” Han Zhuoling asked.

“That middle-aged woman isnt smart and has no guts.

She definitely got paid to do it.”

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and said, “I have met quite a fair share of competitors at work all this while.

A few of them will resort to underhanded means.

In the process of competing, they have used quite a few underhanded tricks.

But that kind of competition is all in the past.

Even if they wanted to take revenge on me, they wont have waited until now to do it.”

“In the past, before I met you, wouldnt it have been even easier to take revenge on me Now that they know you and I are together, who would be so unthinking as to use this period to take revenge on me” Shi Xiaoya felt that it was very illogical.

“And anyway, recently, Ive offended only three people.”

“One is Yuan Yina, the second is Jiang Yuhan, and the third one is—” Shi Xiaoya glanced at him and could not help but chuckle.

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