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Chapter 2047: These Are the Basic Qualities Necessary for Quarreling on the Streets

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“She gave me a sum of money, saying that after I do this, she will give me the remaining half of the money.”

That sum of money would not allow her to do anything big in B City.

But it was enough money to cover a few years of this middle-aged womans pay.

“I… I was just thinking, isnt it just coming to scold someone Im good at scolding people.

And smearing their reputation when you scold them, isnt that the most basic mode of doing it” When quarreling on the streets or quarreling with women, all kinds of dirty words could be used on the other party, and all kinds of groundless accusations could be hurled at them.

These were the basic qualities necessary for quarreling on the streets.

Even the police officer laughed in anger from hearing that.

This matter even needed a basic mode of operation.

“I… I really didnt think that the situation will become so serious.

I thought that I was only scolding someone, I…” The middle-aged woman tried to justify herself.

A female police officer said coldly, “Just scolding someone If just scolding someone could earn you so much money, if this was really such a good deal, everyone would be doing it.

Will your turn ever come What did that person ask you to scold about, dont you have any idea at all You use this kind of matter to smear a woman, do you know how much hurt this would cause other people”

The female police officer scoffed.

“Just scolding someone”

Another male police officer could tell that this middle-aged woman was just a reckless and gutsy person and said, “Dont treat scolding other people as a light matter.

You didnt ask properly before you came to casually scold, casually bully, and casually smear someone

“Do you know that a few days earlier, an incident happened An old lady went to the wet market to buy some fruits.

When she brought them back home, she felt that the fruits were not sweet enough, so she went back to the wet market every day to scold the boss of that fruit stall.

But this was not enough, she even dragged her old partner along with her to stand outside the door to their house to scold them.

In the end, they scolded the boss until he had a mental breakdown.

He took a knife and just hacked her old partner to death.

He stabbed him dozens of times until the man became a muddied pile of blood and flesh, almost turning the old man into minced meat.

“You really think that nothing will happen when you are just scolding people Life is short, nobody can be sure that nothing will happen at all.

You are lucky, you met a mentally strong and calm person.

Or else, if she got driven crazy by you, she could have done anything.

If you really want to continue living well, stop doing such things from now on.

Or else, who knows when you will meet with mishap”

The middle-aged woman gaped and tucked in her neck, feeling a little scared and jittery.

It was not actually because of what the police officer just said.

Actually, much more of her fear came from Han Zhuoling.

She did not know what Han Zhuoling was planning to do to her.

As she already felt the fear, no matter what the police officer said now, it would be enough to make her scared.

“Now they want to sue you for slander,” the police officer said.

“You think you will be fine after just slandering someone Let me tell you, casually fabricating and spreading lies, and any act that degrades another persons character or spoils their reputation will count as slander.

“Think about it yourself, whether those words you said earlier count as that! Once you have been convicted, you can be sentenced for up to three years of fixed-term imprisonment,” the police officer said.

The middle-aged woman was scared out of her wits.

But the police officer was not really scaring her; he was just saying the truth.

“This… Is this really so serious” the middle-aged woman asked fearfully.

“What do you think” the female police officer said.

“Usually, when you quarrel with people on the streets, no one really understands the law well, so no one will really do anything.

But this time, the things you said are way too severe.

And those two people are not people who dont know anything at all.

They naturally will not let you off so easily.

You spoke so horribly of a fine lady, you think they will let you off”

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