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Chapter 2048: You Are Harming Someones Life Like This

“You said those things in front of so many people.

Word of it will definitely spread around.

How do you expect a lady like her to face other people outside like this Those are just ridiculous lies you made up! Doing that will ruin a persons life forever! So many girls could not withstand the pressure from discussions and rumors online that they chose to kill themselves instead.

You are harming someones life like this, do you know that” the female police officer continued to say.

“I… I just didnt think it will be so serious…” The middle-aged woman shrank back a little.

Whether she really did not think of it or not, anyway, she just had to speak in a softer tone to get pity.

She was not really dumb to the core to continue insisting stubbornly now.

“Whether you thought of it or not, anyway, they are going to sue you now,” the male police officer said.

“You said that someone instructed you to do it.

Tell us who this person is.

If you say it honestly, your sentence can be lightened much more.

Those two want even more to catch the mastermind behind this.

Compared to the evil intentions of the mastermind, you were only instructed by someone, so the situation will not be as serious for you.”

“But I really dont know!” The middle-aged woman was about to cry.

“If I knew, would I not say it”

“You dont even know who the other party is and you dare to accept money from that person” the female police officer asked coldly.

This person was really stupidly gutsy.

It could be said that ignorance knows no fear.

Seeing how she was behaving, it seemed as if she would dare to accept any amount of money.

This time, the money was little.

If the amount of money was a little greater, it could be possible for her to commit murder.

The middle-aged woman shrank her neck inwards and said, “She wouldnt give me money otherwise! She didnt let me ask so much.

Anyway, as long as I did what she said, she will give me the money.”

“Then how do you both contact each other How can she be sure that you wont not do the job after taking the money And how did she give you the money” the male police officer asked.

“She knows where I live,” the middle-aged woman said.

“Shes keeping an eye on me to make sure I complete the task.

The money is transferred through a bank account to me.”

“Tell us the bank account number, we will naturally have a way to find out,” the male police officer said.

“Er… I have to look for it.

Can you pass me my phone to take a look” the middle-aged woman said.

“You still want to play tricks now” the female police officer said.

“Since it can be found on your phone, then we wont need you to provide it.”

After the police officers were done questioning her, they went to explain the situation to Han Zhuoling.

In the end, the moment they came to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas room, they saw that Mo Jingcheng was actually there as well.

Both officers were stunned for a moment before they both greeted immediately, “Deputy Director Mo.”

Mo Jingcheng had been promoted to the position of Deputy Director now, and he was the youngest Deputy Director to date.

Mo Jingcheng nodded.

“I heard that there is a case involving my younger sister-in-law, so I came to take a look.”

Everyone glanced at Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling and immediately recalled that Mo Jingcheng was especially close with the few from the eight great families.

They understood immediately.

Originally, with Han Zhuoling around, they were already treating the case with great importance.

Now that Mo Jingcheng had come, they would naturally treat the case even more seriously.

“What did the other party say” Mo Jingcheng asked.

The two of them then said what they had gotten out of the middle-aged woman.

“It will be easy to check as long as we have the transaction history,” the male police officer said.

Mo Jingcheng nodded.

“If you need any help from my side, just let me know.”

Of course, they would not dare to.

If they could not even crack such a small case, wont they become a joke

And they did not just need to investigate, they needed to investigate fast, and do it well.

Han Zhuoling glanced at the time.

They needed to hurry over to Sheng Yue to attend the 100-day baby shower.

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