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Chapter 2051: Doing It for Other People to See

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Shi Xiaoyas heart was palpitating rapidly.

“Its my fault.

I actually neglected such an important thing like proposing.” Han Zhuoling minced his lips and felt very displeased with himself.

“Serves me right that you wont agree to marrying me.”

Shi Xiaoya gaped and exhaled in relief at the same time.

So that was it.

It scared her so much.

“I just said that casually.

I didnt treat it as an issue,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“I just went with the topic and said that without thinking too much about it.

I just said it to tease you, not that I really minded not getting a proposal.”

But seeing how Han Zhuoling was behaving, the person who really minded was clearly him and not her.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and said, “Before I met you, Id never had a boyfriend.

Romance was not a thought I had, and when it comes to marriage, I just felt that Im still young.

As for getting a proposal, I never thought of it before either.

“I just feel that we will just be together if we like each other.

If the conditions are right, then we can get married.

As for a proposal and things like that, its not really necessary.

I also never considered it.

Sometimes, when I see videos that other people post or bump into an ongoing proposal and such, they seem grand and romantic, but I dont envy them at all.

“Because all too often, two people would have already discussed getting married before coming up with a proposal.

At least to me, this kind of thing is unnecessary and is more of a formality.

Since we already decided to get married, then doing a proposal would just be so that other people to see.

Theres not much meaning to it,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“So, I personally am not bothered by things like proposals.

It involves just two people, two families, so we can discuss it on our own.

Theres no need to go out of our way to make it a formality.

Just discussing it like this already feels very heartwarming to me,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She explained, “So I was really just joking when I said those words just now, not that I really minded it.

Dont take it to heart.”

“Hmm,” Han Zhuoling answered.

Shi Xiaoya could not tell from his reaction whether he really sorted out his thoughts or not.

But Han Zhuoling had really put this matter on his mind.

His previous marriage was a marriage agreed upon by two families.

So he did not care at all.

Everything had been decided by the two families based on their various benefits, and he was only responsible for attending a wedding.

Now he was really in love and was deciding on an important event in his life, so he treated it very seriously.

Shi Xiaoya was telling the truth, he could tell.

But Han Zhuoling also did not neglect the fact that, even if that was the case, he should at least prepare a diamond ring.

If he just kept saying it to her like that, it was really very insincere.

Han Zhuoling clenched his teeth a little, angry at himself.

“I got it,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya also could not tell whether he really let go of the matter or not.

But since he already said that, it would not be good for her to re-emphasize it.

When the twos conversation ended, they then set off again and reached Sheng Yue.

Wang Juhuais 100-day baby shower was a very low-key affair.

So from the outside of Sheng Yue, one could not really tell anything from it.

Even if someone came, the person would not know that Wang Juhuai was hosting a 100-day baby shower for his son here.

Wang Juhuais intention was for this to be a family banquet.

And his child was still young.

He was afraid that a grand affair would be too overwhelming.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya arrived at the small ballroom.

The others were there already, and only the two of them were left.

Luckily, they managed to reach the place on time and did not delay the start of the banquet.

Lin Liye asked Han Zhuoling, “Why have you both only just arrived Did something happen on the way”

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