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Seeing Wu Lize\'s darkened face, Zheng Tianming set his work aside, not understanding the reason behind his sudden visit, he asked, Manager Wu, what is it, what happened

Is the CEO busy now I have something important to check with him, Wu Lize said.

The CEO is in a meeting with the manager of the Finance Department right now. Raising his wrist, Zheng Tianming took a look at the time.

It\'s probably going to end soon, if it\'s something urgent, you can wait here.

Otherwise, you can come back after some time, I\'ll give you a call once the CEO finishes his meeting.

Wu Lize frowned slightly and contemplated for a moment before saying, It\'s not that urgent.

What is the problem Why not tell me first, and when the CEO is done with the meeting, I\'ll tell immediately him, it would save you the effort of coming here again. Zheng Tianming sorted the files next to him as he spoke to Wu Lize.

Giving it some thought, Wu Lize felt that there was nothing wrong with doing that.

You know about the rumors in the company this morning too right

The rumors about Lu Man Hearing that, Zheng Tianming instantly made eye contact.

Han Zhuoli already knew about it and had told him to find out more about it.

Actually, before Wu Lize came, he had actually been busy with that problem.

Wu Lize nodded his head.

I found out who started the rumors.

Wait for a while. Zheng Tianming instantly went to Han Zhuoli\'s office door and knocked.

Wu Lize: …

Just now Zheng Tianming had said that the CEO was busy in a meeting, why was it that he was not scared of disturbing the CEO now

Come in, Han Zhuoli\'s voice sounded from inside the room.

When Wu Lize followed after Zheng Tianming, he saw that Han Zhuoli was indeed busy discussing matters with the manager of the Finance Department.

Is there anything Han Zhuoli asked.

Despite knowing that he was busy in a meeting and always disliked being disturbed, Zheng Tianming had still come to find him, so it must be quite important.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli was not angry.

It\'s about the rumors concerning Lu Man this morning, Manager Wu has found out who started the rumors. Zheng Tianming prompted Wu Lize to explain in detail.

Manager Wu, you can talk about it.

The manager of the Finance Department blinked, looking at Zheng Tianming and then looking at Han Zhuoli.

Although it was not good that there was someone spreading rumors in the company, from when did such small matters need to be brought to the notice of the CEO

Much less to say that even Director Du who usually did not come to the company, had especially come over to reward Lu Man, and had even taken up this matter personally, asking around about the rumors circulating in the company.

Somehow, a newcomer was actually being noticed by the big bosses of the company.

This Lu Man was really one of an evil character.

CEO, the truth is that Lu Man herself caught the person.

I\'m very apologetic because it\'s Ye Xiaoxing from the PR Department. Wu Lize took out his phone and played the recording that Lu Man had sent over.

This time around, the effect of this situation was quite big, so I did not dare to make the decision myself about how to deal with the Ye Xiaoxing.

Han Zhuoli\'s face darkened as he listened to the recording and he instructed Zheng Tianming, Send an email announcing that Ye Xiaoxing started rumors about her colleagues, spoiling her colleague\'s reputation and that she also slandered her superior.

She also ruined the fair competition rule of the company and messed up the company\'s work environment and order.

Han Zhuoli drummed his fingers on the sofa with a solemn expression on his face.

The situation is serious, so dismiss her at this instant.

Wu Lize was a bit shocked, although Ye Xiaoxing\'s mistake was serious, he had thought that worse to worst she might only get a warning letter.

And since the warning letters were usually sent out by the Human Resource Department, he had come to report to Han Zhuoli.

However, he really did not even imagine that Han Zhuoli would be so strict, firing Ye Xiaoxing on the spot.

Yes, Zheng Tianming was not shocked at all, he had already anticipated it a long time ago.

Ye Xiaoxing was looking for death, not only had she slandered Lu Man, but she had also started a rumor that Lu Man was with another man, it would be strange if Han Zhuoli would let her off without any punishment.

Zheng Tianming secretly looked at Wu Lize, praying for Wu Lize not to be the collateral damage in this situation.


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