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Chapter 2061: Making a Scene

“And even if Xia Qingwei really has such intentions, Lu Man will not allow it.

“Just how smart of a person is Lu Man She still wants to make use of Wang Juhuais resources and fame, so how could she possibly let Xia Qingwei ruin such a good backer of hers If a scandal breaks out, even Lu Man will be implicated in it.

No matter whether it is the news or online discussions, or the Han Familys attitude, etc., all these things will cause a butterfly effect.

“Xia Qingwei has always doted on Lu Man and is very rational.

Lu Man will not allow this kind of thing to happen, so all the more she will not do such a thing,” Lu Qi analyzed.

She then said, “So, the things that you worry about will definitely not happen.”

There was one more line which Lu Qi did not say.

If that mother and daughter pair were that stupid, would she and Xia Qingyang end up in this state now

Such a dumb thing, Lu Man and Xia Qingwei definitely would not do.

“Its precisely because of this that we are at a sure-win vantage point,” Lu Qi said.

“Xia Qingwei and Lu Man have their reservations, but we dont.

Anyway, they are the ones who will be scared.”

Xia Qingyang had been convinced by Lu Qis words.

She nodded her head solemnly and said, “You are right.

Lets go over right now!”

When Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi arrived, Xia Qingwei was chatting casually with others at the dining table.

She and Lu Man still did not know that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi were coming to annoy them.

Xia Qingyang parked the car and got off with Lu Qi.

Xia Qingyangs forte was being a shrew, so she had no fear at all.

As Wang Juhuai did not want to make the 100-day party a high-profile event, Sheng Yue operated as usual.

If customers came, they would be allowed to enter.

They could not possibly not allow people to come in.

Hence, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi did not meet any obstructions and entered Sheng Yue.

They were smart too and did not look for the manager.

There would surely be someone who would recognize them and realize that it was impossible that Wang Juhuai had invited them over.

So, they found a young waiter to ask where Wang Juhuais 100-day baby shower was being held at.

Indeed, the waiter did not recognize them and thought they were guests invited by Wang Juhuai, and he even personally led the way for them up to the door to the 100-day baby shower.

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi had put up a really decent act that could really hoodwink people.

Theyd even very politely thanked the waiter.

After the waiter left, Xia Qingyang adjusted her emotions and turned to glance at Lu Qi.

Lu Qi nodded at her.

Xia Qingyang took a deep breath and placed her hand on the door.

She then pushed the door with full force.

The main door slammed open with a “bang,” and the loud sound gave everyone in the room a scare.

They all could not help but stop with their light chatter and turn to look at the door.

Wang Juhuai even frowned, thinking that Sheng Yues service standards would not have been so poor.

When the sound rang out, little Wang Yijun got a scare and wailed as he started to cry.

Xia Qingwei quickly picked him up and slowly rocked him in her arms to coax him.

Xia Qingwei was unbelievably angry.

She only took a sweeping look just now and she could already tell who it was.

But she was not in the mood to settle scores with Xia Qingyang and her daughter now.

Her heart was all on the little baby.

Han Zhuoli quietly called Sheng Yues CEO and said that someone was making a scene here.

Lu Man thought about it.

Once Xia Qingyang started to cause a ruckus, she would not leave easily, so she went to a corner at the side to contact Da Xiong.

“Da Xiong, where are you now Can you come to Sheng Yue” Lu Man asked.

Da Xiong was very surprised.

“What is it Could it be that you want to give me the news about your familys 100-day baby banquet as well”

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