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Chapter 2063: Why Did You Hit Me

Lu Man said mockingly, “Youre coming here to look for Lu Qiyuan If you want to make a scene, just say it clearly.

You dont need to pull this trick.

You cant even come up with a decent excuse, what a joke!”

“Aiyo! Why dont you let everyone hear it in front of your in-laws” Xia Qingyang seemed to have caught Lu Mans weak spot and her face was sparkling with glee.

“Lu Qiyuan Thats your dad! You actually called him by his full name.

You unfilial thing, go ahead and let your in-laws see your true colors!”


A super clear and crisp sound rang out.

It was the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

With another glance, Shen Nuo had unknowingly come over and, as swift as lightning, gave Xia Qingyang a ninja-like slap.

When everyone reacted and looked over, Shen Nuo was rubbing her own palm.

As if she slapped too hard and hurt her palm, she lowered her head to blow on her palm a few times.

Even Xia Qingyang was stunned by the slap.

But when she saw that the person whod slapped her was Shen Nuo, Xia Qingyang, a bully who targeted the weak but feared the strong, did not dare to behave in the shrewish manner that she used towards Lu Man and Xia Qingwei.

She immediately toned down her stance.

“You… why did you hit me!” Xia Qingyang clutched her own face, feeling very aggrieved.

She had a whole string of words to scold Lu Man with just then, yet Shen Nuos slap just cut her off abruptly.

It actually made it difficult for her to bring up the momentum again.

“I just wanted to hit you.

Youre spouting rubbish and coming here to act like a shrew,” Shen Nuo said coldly.

Little Yijun finally stopped crying.

Xia Qingwei passed him over to Old Mrs.

Han for the moment and walked over herself.

“My husband and I are living well now, I dont need to trouble you and Lu Qiyuan to think about me.

I dont know what you are thinking.

Even if he really is having an affair, by right, he should find a young lady.

Why would he come and find a middle-aged woman like me Not everyone is as devoted as my husband and will not care about my age.” Xia Qingwei chuckled and said, “It has already been more than 20 years, and he still liked an old woman like me.”

“You dont look old at all,” Wang Juhuai said disapprovingly at the side.

“Anyway, I am already so old, and you arent disdainful of me either.”

Xia Qingwei could not help but chuckle and say, “You know thats not what I mean.”

At this moment, they actually minded such small matters.

Everybody: “…”

At this moment, they still wanted to seize the opportunity to show off their love for each other.

What was their problem

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

The older, the wiser.

They lost, they really lost.

Seeing that they were about to go off-topic, Lu Qi quickly secretly tugged at Xia Qingyang, to prevent her from being led away by them.

Xia Qingyang reacted and spat.

She totally ignored Xia Qingweis earlier explanation and just lashed out at her.

“You shameless woman.

Youre already married to Wang Juhuai, yet you still cant have a clean break with your ex-husband!

“I know, you just want to take revenge on me.

Back then, I snatched away Lu Qiyuan from you, so youve always hated me deep down.

So now, even when you have such a wonderful husband by your side and even have a child, with a happy family around you, you still cant let go and want to take revenge on me.”

Xia Qingyang argued with such conviction, it really angered Xia Qingwei now.

If she wronged her, thats okay, she had nothing to fear!

In front of the truth, no accusation could hold.

But she was just disgusted that Xia Qingyang would actually put her together with Lu Qiyuan.

What made her even more angry was that Xia Qingyang had to choose today, during little Yijuns 100-day baby banquet, to come and cause trouble.

She ruined such a wonderful and important event.

Xia Qingyang, whod ruined her daughter in the past, now wanted to come and ruin her son in turn!

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