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Chapter 2065: Like a Replica of Your Younger Self

The more she wanted to scheme, the dumber she looked.

Xia Qingyang felt her guilty conscience acting up so she could not speak for a moment.

She then heard Han Zhuoli say, “Let me remind you, Lu Qiyuan indeed is having an affair, and the other party is very young.

She has an interesting character, just like a replica of your younger self.”

Indeed, Lu Qiyuan just liked the pretentious white lotus types.

This preference of his had never changed no matter how old he became.

“Instead of wildly accusing people here, why dont you go and check on Lu Qiyuan” Han Zhuoli said.

“He bought another villa outside.

Before he started to have an affair, whenever he did not go home, he would be at that villa to stay to avoid seeing you.

You can think about how many times he went home in a week previously.

“Afterward, when he started an affair, he rarely came home once a week.

That villa then really became his second home.” Han Zhuoli gave a sly smile and said, “The mistress he is keeping is staying right there.”

“Where Where is the villa” Xia Qingyangs first reaction was to trust Han Zhuolis words.

“And that vixen, who is she”

Seeing that Han Zhuoli did not speak, Xia Qingyang said, “Since you know all these, then you definitely know where that villa is and the identity of that vixen!”

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi felt as if a tsunami was raging in their hearts.

Han Zhuoli actually knew of their family situation inside out when they did not know about it!

And even the things they did not know of, Han Zhuoli knew about them so well.

He had been tasking someone to keep an eye on their family all along!

But they knew nothing of it!

Thinking of that, Han Zhuoli probably sent someone to keep watch on their family early on.

When they were unaware, there might possibly have been someone watching them in secret.

No matter what they did, someone was always watching and knew what they did inside out.

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi felt so scared that they got goosebumps.

Not just because their lives, be it in public or private, had been completely exposed to in front of Han Zhuoli.

They feared even more that their scheming against the Lu Corporation had been found out by Han Zhuoli.

Xia Qingyang could not help but think of what Xia Qingwei had said just then.

That made sense!

Xia Qingwei definitely knew about it!

Xia Qingyangs complexion looked really nasty.

She harbored such thoughts in her mind, but she did not dare to seek verification.

“I do know,” Han Zhuoli spoke, cutting off Xia Qingyangs train of thought.

Xia Qingyang anxiously asked, “Who is it! Where is it”

“Go and find out yourself,” Han Zhuoli said cheekily.

Xia Qingyang was frustrated and pent up with anger!

Han Zhuoli would not tell her.

He wanted her to go and check herself, lest she got too bored and come here to cause trouble.

Let her check and make a scene with Lu Qiyuan along the way.

“Who exactly is it!” Xia Qingyangs guess got confirmation from Han Zhuoli, which instantly made her go crazy with anger.

She could not care to continue directing accusations at Xia Qingwei anymore.

Lu Qi frowned, scolding Xia Qingyang for a useless bum in her heart.

She could even forget the matter they had discussed and planned beforehand and got led away by the nose.

What could she even hope that she could do!

Han Zhuoli did not answer her this time and just threw a look at the CEO.

The CEO immediately had two security officers go forward and drag Xia Qingyang out.

“What are you doing!” Xia Qingyang screamed piercingly.

“Tell me! Who is it! Tell me!”

“Dont touch me! Dont pull me!” Xia Qingyang kicked her legs and struggled non-stop.

But it was useless.

Seeing that Lu Qi stood at the side without helping at all, Xia Qingyang instantly called out, “Qi Qi, quick, come and help! Pull them away!”

Lu Qi thought to herself, These two security officers are so strong.

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