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Chapter 2067: Giving Them Face

The CEO said very apologetically, “My deepest apologies, we did not manage this well and disrupted everyone from enjoying their meal.”

No one said anything.

The CEO then specially gifted a bottle of red wine to express his apology.

Da Xiong also brought his subordinate along to leave.

He was not in a hurry to publish the news.

Anyway, he got an exclusive.

If he did not publish it, no one would know about it.

After this, he would have to discuss properly with Lu Man about how to release this news.

The moment Da Xiong brought his subordinate out and left Sheng Yue, he got surrounded by a bunch of other reporters.

“Brother Xiong, whats the situation inside”

“Did Lu Man give you an exclusive”

“I saw Xia Qingyang being dragged out by the security officer.

Did she go in there to cause trouble”

“Lu Qi even wore a mask, thinking that no one would recognize her.”

They were all following the news, so their eyes were sharp as an eagle.

After following these stars around every day, would they not recognize them even if they turned into ashes

But even if they wore a cap and a mask and only revealed their eyes, they could also be recognized by these reporters.

“Brother Xiong, you have news in your hands, you should leak some bits to us at least.”


Brother Xiong, you really have foresight and established good ties with Lu Man early on.

Now whenever theres news, Lu Man will always think of you.”

They really got to give it to him.

How did Lu Man have so much news on hand

She was even more of a paparazzi than a paparazzi.

But anyone who had worked together with Lu Man before was all doing much better than in the past.

Eight Skin Entertainment was a prime example.

Previously, when taking an ad, he had to insist to death on a five-figure sum.

Now, he would not even take on an ad that did not pay in the hundred thousands.

Tang Zi and Lu Man were real friends, so he had already left the paparazzi team and joined Nan Yin to be a legitimate reporter, and he even got promoted now.

Da Xiong could be said to have taken on Tang Zis job.

Whenever Lu Man had any news, she would directly contact Da Xiong.

So, there were many pieces of news that they could not even get leaks of.

For the people in their industry who ended up only getting news second-hand, wasnt that going to cost their lives

Da Xiong chuckled and said, “How about this After I send out the news, I will inform you guys at the first moment.

You all can immediately catch up with it.

As for the rest, I wont be able to help with that.

If one of you got a major scoop, you wont tell others either, right”

Da Xiong waved at them and said, “Everyone, Ill have to leave first.”

After saying that, he quickly brought his subordinates to leave with him, afraid that they would be pestered to no end and prevented from leaving.

In Sheng Yue.

Xia Qingwei said apologetically, “Im really sorry.

Because of me, such an upsetting thing happened.”

Xia Qingwei was also a victim in this matter.

She did not do anything, yet she got smeared.

But Xia Qingwei felt that, if not because of her, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi would not have come over.

It was a fine event today, yet that incident made Wang Juhuai and Lu Man lose face.

But how could Wang Juhuai mind this He held Xia Qingweis hand and said, “Dont think too much.

If you get upset because of this, then it will play into their hands.”

“Yeah!” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“That mother and daughter are shameless.

They are so evil-hearted.

Dont take them to heart.

If you let them affect you, you are giving them face!”

After Old Mrs.

Han said that, she then praised, “Ah Nuo, when you gave that slap just now, that really felt so good!”

Shen Nuo had slapped Xia Qingyang and also felt really good about it herself.

“I really could not take it.

I have never seen someone who made other people feel so disgusted.”

The Shi family had seen the news before and naturally also knew of Xia Qingwei and Xia Qingyangs feud.

It was just because they just newly joined in, so they did not feel as deeply as the Han Family people.

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