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Chapter 2069: Even More Fake

“Now, Xia Qingwei finally has her own family and even a son after much difficulty.

She no longer has anything to do with Xia Qingyang and Lu Qiyuan.

Why would she still not let them live”

“She just cant stand to see that others are doing well.

I heard the Lu Corporation is also getting worse and worse.

And Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyangs relationship seems to be souring as well.

But Xia Qingwei is doing better and better.

Her daughters career is advancing, her son-in-law is Han Zhuoli, her in-laws are the Han Family, and her husband is Wang Juhuai.

This line-up is the epitome of a winner in the game of life.

Xia Qingyang just wanted to go and annoy them and sow discord between Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuais relationship, and also to make the Han Family breed discontent against Xia Qingwei, thereafter slighting Lu Man because of that.”

This netizen said, “This is a good analysis.”

“The person above, you are impressive.”

“How impressive!”

“Not impressive, actually,” the netizen who analyzed it said.

“Its very easy to guess.

Just think about the things that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi did in the past.

You will then understand very well how they think.”

“Judging from Xia Qingyangs character, you can then tell how Lu Qi is like.”

“Xia Qingyang is also such a joke.

They have already been divorced for more than 20 years, yet she still cant let other people off.

Theres must be something wrong with her brain! And she even went to their happy event to cause trouble.”

“I heard that she suspects Lu Qiyuan is having an affair.”

“She suspects Lu Qiyuan is having an affair so she went to find trouble with Xia Qingwei Anyone with brains can tell that Xia Qingwei is living very blissfully now.

She got back together with her first love, they have a loving relationship, she has a daughter and a son.

Could she possibly go back to look for a b*stard”

“So, this is exactly what the netizen above analyzed.

Xia Qingyang cant stand Xia Qingwei living well, so she purposely used the excuse of suspecting Lu Qiyuan having an affair to go and find trouble with Xia Qingwei, and to smear Xia Qingwei for it.”

“How disgusting! Shes clearly living her life peacefully, yet there has to be a vermin insect like this who cant stand others doing well and want to ruin other peoples family.”

“She became a mistress to Lu Qiyuan back then and ruined Xia Qingweis marriage.

True, she is not the only one responsible for that.

That other scumbag Lu Qiyuan isnt a saint either.

He also made Lu Man suffer.

Xia Qingwei had labored for the first half of her life.

Now, she finally managed to find her own happiness, yet Xia Qingyang wanted to come and ruin it again.

How can this person be so despicable!”

If it was other news, perhaps there might be some people who would think they are being rational and just started analyzing things.

They would say it takes two to tango, and it would not be clear who exactly was responsible before the situation was made clear.

But with Xia Qingyang, it was a completely different matter.

Luckily, Lu Man had laid the foundations for it earlier on.

She exposed all of Xia Qingyang and Lu Qiyuans ugly affairs.

The netizens knew about Xia Qingyang and Lu Qiyuans ugly past very thoroughly.

They all knew that Xia Qingyang was nothing good and Xia Qingyang even especially liked to play stupid tricks that landed herself in trouble under Lu Qis incitement.

Time and again, she did it, and in the minds of the public, it fossilized a solid image of her as the ultimate b*tch.

She had truly become a character everyone loved to hate on.

Hence, when the incident this time was exposed, everyone very certainly deemed that it was Xia Qingyang who was looking for trouble and did not have good intentions.

There was actually no one who disagreed with it.

Just like that, in this matter, Xia Qingwei was not affected at all.

The netizens were all elated when they saw Xia Qingyang embarrassing herself.

“HAHAHAHAHA, this is retribution.

She became a mistress back then and snatched that b*stard from Xia Qingwei.

Now the b*stard is once again being whisked away by another mistress.”

“I bet ten cucumbers that the mistress B*stard Lu found this time is even younger, prettier, and even more fake.”

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