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Chapter 2085: You Are Just Too Kind

“Just that, my relationship with you now is already very untoward to Madam.

If you divorce Madam because of me, I…”

Jiang Yujie shook her head and said, “I wont be able to overcome that moral barrier in my heart.”

“Silly girl.” Lu Qiyuan was utterly touched.

“You are just too kind.

“To be honest, I no longer have any feelings left for Xia Qingyang.

As long as Im at home, she can act like a shrew and throw suspicions at me for this and that, even if its just over very trivial matters.

Before I got together with you, she suspected every day that I had someone outside.

“I told her I didnt do anything and was very disciplined, yet I had to be pestered and screamed at by her every day, forcing me to not even dare to go back home.

As long as I am back home, all I was greeted with would be her shrill shouts and quarreling noise.

“Since she wants me to find someone outside so much, I ended up doing just that then,” Lu Qiyuan said.

“I was really afraid of her, and I can no longer live with her.

Why should my marriage be so unhappy

“And Yujie, you are a good lady.

I cant treat you unfairly,” Lu Qiyuan said.

Jiang Yujie appeared to be very moved.

Lu Qiyuan then said, “I think you probably have seen the news online before.

Me and Xia Qingyang…”

Lu Qiyuan suddenly stuttered and felt like he did not really know how to go on before he said, “Anyway, Xia Qingyang did not feel any guilt towards her own older sister.”

Jiang Yujie understood what he meant but chose not to say anything.

She just lowered her head and let Lu Qiyuan think that she still could not really get over her conflict with herself.

But this made Lu Qiyuan even more sure of her.

If it was Xia Qingyang, she would have been elated to no end.

Back then, before he divorced Xia Qingwei, Xia Qingyang was instigating him every day, talking about how pitiful she was and how much she loved him, how much she could not bear to part with him.

Anyway, she just exhausted all means to make him divorce Xia Qingwei.

In the end, when he drove Xia Qingwei out of the house, Xia Qingyang was overjoyed, and she even purposely went up to Xia Qingwei to boast and show off.

Judging from how Xia Qingyang reacted then, and then from how Jiang Yujie was reacting now, the disparity was obvious.

Lu Qiyuan felt even more strongly that Jiang Yujie was better and was totally different from Xia Qingyang.

His heart ached for Jiang Yujie.

He did not want her to feel so reproachful, so Lu Qiyuan said of his own accord, “And I think the companys accounts look a little off recently.”

“What do you mean” Jiang Yujie asked.

“I had been hospitalized for a period of time, so I suspect Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi used that time to try and gain benefits from the company.

As for exactly what they did, Im still asking someone to investigate it.”

This matter, Lu Qiyuan had been keeping to himself all along and had not told anyone.

He was afraid that there would be someone in the company who was helping Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

So, he did not dare to reveal it easily.

But he believed Jiang Yujie, because Jiang Yujie really did not know about it and could not do anything about it.

Now that he said it out loud, Lu Qiyuan also felt much more relaxed.

“I dare to say this because I am sure of it.

Im only left with finding evidence now.” Lu Qiyuan said mockingly, “My wife, my daughter, they colluded to harm me and never treated me like kin.

In their eyes, there were only two kinds of people, those that could be made use of and those who couldnt.

They just want to squeeze the maximum benefits from me.

When they could no longer squeeze anything more from me, they might just kick me out of the house.”

Jiang Yujie seemed to not have expected that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi could actually be so ruthless, and she got so shocked that she gasped.

Lu Qiyuan then pulled her into his arms to hug her as his heart ached for her.

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