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Chapter 2098: Really So Innocent

Shi Nancang still had Shi Xiaoyas house card.

Luckily, after Shi Nancang learned that Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were living together, he did not dare to come as and when he liked as he had done in the past.

But he still felt that his younger sister had been taken advantage of and was unhappy with Han Zhuoling.

This kind of feeling he had was similar to Shi Guanzhongs.

Even if Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling had already grown old together as a couple in the future, Shi Nancang and Shi Guanzhongs attitude would not change.

But attitude was attitude—they still had to respect their boundaries.

Leaving the house card with Shi Nancang was just in case anything happened, in case any unexpected situation came up.

But he would not be able to come as and when he liked as he did in the past.

What if he bumped into an awkward situation

The moment the three of them came in, Shi Guanzhong called out loudly, “Xiaoya, where are you, are you both at home”

When Shi Xiaoya heard the voice, she came out to see them and pretended to look surprised as she said, “Dad, Mom, Older Brother, why didnt you guys tell me first before coming So that I could have prepared as well.”

Shi Guanzhong saw that their scheme worked and was very pleased, so he smiled and said, “We didnt tell you deliberately.

We just wanted to come and see what you both usually do at home.”

“What are you doing” Shi Nancang noticed that Shi Xiaoya came out from the kitchen.

He instantly scoffed.

Usually, Shi Xiaoya did not do anything at home.

After she got together with Han Zhuoling, she actually had to personally do housework

Could Han Zhuoling not afford a helper or what

“Why, do you still need to do the housework by yourself” Shi Nancang asked in displeasure.

“No.” Shi Xiaoya quickly explained, “Didnt you guys say you were coming over today But you didnt say what time you were coming.

I planned to personally prepare a full table of dishes, but it would be too late if I wait until you guys come over and prepare last minute.

So I was thinking, whether you guys came before lunch or before dinner, I can prepare the things beforehand first, so the moment you all come, I can immediately start cooking.”

When Shi Guanzhong heard that, he said happily, “My daughter is really grown up now.

You can even personally prepare a meal for us to eat.”

Shi Nancang threw a look at Shi Guanzhong, thinking to himself, “Was Dad really so innocent now”

“Why are you cooking personally Wheres the helper auntie” Shi Nancang asked.

Shi Guanzhong also immediately reacted.


Why let his dear daughter do the housework at home!

He had been immersed in the joy of having Shi Xiaoya personally cook for them and had not realized this at once.

Shi Xiaoya then explained, “Usually, this is done by the helper auntie.

Its just because you all are coming today, so I wanted to personally cook.”

Shi Xiaoya frowned.

“Isnt this good I was thinking, there are not many chances where I can personally cook for you all.

The last time was during New Year, actually.

But that time, I only prepared a few dishes out of a full table of dishes.

There are still many dishes you all havent tried before.

Just perfect, today, I can use the chance to prepare them.”

How would Shi Xiaoya not understand Shi Nancangs thoughts She complained a little and said, “Older Brother, why do you make it sound as if I usually suffer and tire myself out at home”

Shi Nancang ground his teeth.

This little girl, she did not appreciate it even when he was being nice to her!

“Okay, okay, okay,” Du Yiqin quickly interjected and said, “Stop talking already.

My daughters cooking is really not bad.

She takes after me in this regard.

During the New Year, I even said that your cooking is too good and wondered when I can have a chance to try the dishes you cooked.

I didnt think that today, I can eat them again.”

Shi Xiaoya felt really reproachful when she heard that.

“Mom, Im really at fault for this.

There are not even many times when I cook for you all to eat.

How else can I be filial to you all”

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