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Chapter 2104: Want to Grow Old with Her

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It happened to be photos of Shi Xiaoya when she had just been born.

At that time, her teeth had not even grown out yet.

She could only make some cute poses with the help of her parents and the photographer.

The quality and photo-enhancing effects of the photos she took in her childhood were not as advanced as today.

But she still looked fair and tender.

That small face was flushed red and bouncy, looking like a peach, so soft and tender that it made him feel like taking a bite.

Shi Xiaoya was very curious, so she leaned over to take a look.

“You looked so pretty when you were young,” Han Zhuoling praised.

Thinking about it felt really fascinating too.

The tiny little bundle of a human in the photo had now grown up and became his girlfriend.

Fate was probably just so fascinating.

Clearly, at that point in time, the two of them did not know each other yet.

When he was born, Shi Xiaoya did not even exist yet.

When Shi Xiaoya was born, who knew where he was wilding out at He did not even know that his future little wife was already born and had come to this earth.

Thinking about it now, it still felt really fascinating.

Shi Xiaoya also had not seen her childhood photos for many years.

Now that she took a look at it with Han Zhuoling, she also felt that it was fascinating.

When she heard what Han Zhuoling said, she did not even think before saying, “You would probably be graduating from primary school around this time, right”

Shi Nancang sputtered out laughing.

It was not because he did not manage to hold it in, but that he probably did not even try to.

He was especially delighted to see Han Zhuoling being made a joke of.

He was especially seeing Han Zhuoling being subdued by Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling plainly threw a look at Shi Nancang before turning to look at Shi Xiaoya.

He moved his lips with a half-smile and Shi Xiaoya suddenly felt a chill running down from the top of her head.

It made her shudder all of a sudden.

When she looked up, she saw Han Zhuoling staring at her with a half-smile.

The look in his black, dark eyes was very obvious.

“You just wait and see tonight.”

Shi Xiaoya shuddered and quickly laughed awkwardly, quietly scolding herself for digging her own grave.

“Go on… go on and see the other photos,” Shi Xiaoya quickly said.

Han Zhuoling did not harp on to the situation just then with her and continued flipping through the album.

On the later pages, there were a few photos of Shi Xiaoya around the age when she was in kindergarten.

Her body proportion was 1:1.

Her elbows and legs were both short.

At that time, her little face already had a sharp chin, and the formative features of her looks could be seen then already.

Alas, Du Yiqin just picked one of the albums.

Only a few of Shi Xiaoyas kindergarten photos were slotted in at the back of this photo album, so there were not many of them.

Han Zhuoling still wanted to see more of what she looked like at that time.

When it came to the second album, it was the age from primary school to junior high.

In primary school, she already looked like a little teenage girl.

No wonder there were already boys who liked her then.

Luckily, in primary school, boys did not have a very high EQ.

They wanted to attract her attention but could only use means that would find trouble with her.

By the end, when she was in junior high, she already looked like how she did now.

And in senior high, there was not much of a difference from what she looked like now.

But she still did not look as pretty as she did now.

This did not mean that she did not look good back then.

Shi Xiaoya seemed to have a different charm at different stages of her life.

The her back then was already very good-looking, but when she got a little older, one realized that she could look even prettier.

Han Zhuoling was curious.

Shi Xiaoya might just be the kind who looked even prettier as she aged.

He just did not know how she would look like when she reached 30, 40, and even 50 or 60 years old.

Han Zhuolings gaze was gentle and even had a hint of expectation and fascination.

He already could not wait to want to grow old together with her.

By that time, he wanted to see how she looked like as a grandma.

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