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Chapter 2110: Fate

“This is Zhuoli.” Old Mrs.

Han then pointed to the slightly shorter young boy beside Han Zhuoling.

In fact, Shi Xiaoya had already recognized him.

Although the face was very child-like and his features were not as developed as they were now, she could still recognize him.

Beside Han Zhuoli, there was another little boy as well.

Old Mrs.

Han smiled and said, “This is Zhuofeng.”

Han Zhuofengs age gap with his two brothers was a little bigger, and he was around the same age as her and Lu Man.

At that time, the Han Zhuofeng in the photo smiled exceptionally brightly as well.

Shi Xiaoya was looking at it when she suddenly widened her eyes and took up the photo to take a closer look.

“Whats wrong” Han Zhuoling asked in confusion when he saw her reaction.

Shi Xiaoya pointed to the background in the photo, where there was a girl around Han Zhuofengs age, and said, “This is me!”

“What” Old Mrs.

Han exclaimed in surprise.

“Let me see, let me see.


Shi Xiaoya then pointed for her to see.

“Here, this is me.”

The little girl in the background was wearing a little gown and was dressed like a little princess.

“I definitely didnt see wrongly.

This is me,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“This dress is still at my parents place.

Last year, my mom even especially took it out for me to see.

She said this dress looked way too much like the kind that barbie dolls wear, so she could not bear to throw it away all this time and kept it for me.

She even said that I looked especially nice when I wore this when I was young.”

Shi Xiaoya said to Old Mrs.

Han and Han Zhuoling, “My mom even especially took photos out for me to see, saying that I especially loved wearing this dress when I was young.

Indeed, there are so many photos where I was wearing this dress.

“Oh, right!” Shi Xiaoya clapped her hands together and recalled, “At that time, I felt that it was especially interesting, so I used my phone to take some photos of those photos as a keepsake.

Theres one photo that seems to have been taken at this playground as well.

Wait, let me find it.”

Shi Xiaoya took out her phone and found an album named “Childhood.” She tapped on a photo for them to see.

“Take a look, is it this photo” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling took a look and smiled.

“It really is.”

Just that the angle from which it was taken was different.

The three brothers photo was naturally taken with the three brothers as the main focus.

For Shi Xiaoyas photo, the focus was naturally on Shi Xiaoya.

Although the angle was different, it was evident that the background was indeed the same.

Just that the three brothers were standing closer to the left side of the Mickey Mouse while Shi Xiaoya was standing closer to the right side when her photo was taken.

Her phone could even zoom in.

Han Zhuoling zoomed in on the image and noticed that, indeed, there were three small blurry figures in the background.

Judging from the standing positions in that background, wasnt it the three of them

Han Zhuoling then also pointed it out for Old Mrs.

Han to see.

When Old Mrs.

Han saw, indeed!

“Aiyo!” Old Mrs.

Han was extremely surprised.

At this moment, Old Mr.

Han ambled in from outside.

He even held a cage in his hand, and in the cage, there was a parrot.

He had just returned from a walk with his bird.

“Quick, come, quick, come and look!” Old Mrs.

Han was extremely excited and kept gesturing for Old Mr.

Han to come over.

“What is it Why are you so happy” Old Mr.

Han handed the parrot cage to Auntie Sun and let her hang it up.

After Auntie Sun hung it properly, she opened the cage.

The parrot did not fly all over the place.

It just flew to the fine wood stand that was specially placed for it to rest on.

It used its beak to smoothen its feathers, then paced back and forth on the wooden stand, entertaining itself happily.

“Look at this, this is really fate,” Old Mrs.

Han said as she smiled.

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