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Chapter 2111: Use It When Getting Married

At the same time, she could not help but feel regretful.

If shed known earlier that the two of them were so deeply fated, how good would it have been if Han Zhuoling had gotten to know Shi Xiaoya earlier

He would not have needed to experience a woman like Xia Yixin then.

Old Mrs.

Han sighed silently in her heart.

Luckily, Old Mrs.

Han was in a good mood, so she quickly adjusted her spirits.

And she told herself, it was precisely because Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had deep fate that the two of them still met after many roundabouts.

They finally met each other and did not miss each other, and they did not have any regrets.

This was good enough.

It was better than not meeting and Han Zhuoling remaining single.

Old Mrs.

Hans mood then turned good again, and she told Old Mr.

Han, “Look at this, this was taken when Zhuoling and his two brothers were at No.

1 Department Store when they were young.”

Old Mrs.

Han said to Shi Xiaoya, “Although you went there before when you were young, you might not remember it now.


1 Department Store was considered one of the top malls in B City in the past.

At that time, there werent many malls, unlike now when everything is widely available.


1 Department Store was considered the best mall then.

But I think it was torn down around seven or eight years ago.”

After explaining, Old Mrs.

Han then continued telling Old Mr.

Han, “Look at this.”

“I cant see clearly.” Old Mr.

Han squinted.

His presbyopia was quite serious.

“Wait a moment.”

As Old Mr.

Han said that, he went to take his reading glasses and put them on.

When he came back and looked, he said, “I see it clearly now.


“This is Xiaoya,” Old Mrs.

Han said excitedly.

“At that time, Zhuoling and the other two were playing in the mall.

Who knew Xiaoya would be there too!”

“Then look at this!” Old Mrs.

Han then showed Xiaoyas photo to Old Mr.


“This is Xiaoyas photo.

Look here.”

Old Mrs.

Han zoomed in and said, “Its Zhuoling and the two at the back!”

“Xiaoya appeared in Zhuoling and the twos photo while Zhuoling appeared in Xiaoyas photo.

Isnt this fate destined since they were young” Old Mrs.

Han said joyfully.

Old Mr.

Han did not have the romantic genes of women.

But indeed, he felt that their fate really ran deep.

“Aye, this photo was really kept for a good purpose,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“After this, you can use it when you two get married.”

Shi Xiaoya blinked, not understanding what she said.

Use it when they get married

How do they use it

Use these for what

Old Mrs.

Han smiled and explained, “When you get married, wont the screen show the photos of the bride and groom

“Usually, they will play the photos of the bride and groom from they were young in a loop.

They will show the growth of the bride and groom to signify that the two of them grew up to meet each other and be together.

Hence, they will also add photos of the couples sweet moments at the back,” Old Mrs.

Han explained.

Shi Xiaoyas face turned red and heated up slightly.

Why did they suddenly get to the topic of marriage

Anyway, Old Mrs.

Han would definitely not let Shi Xiaoya, this daughter-in-law of hers, run away.

“At that time, you both can put these two photos of yourselves from your childhood,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Use a red circle to mark it out and magnify it.

How meaningful would that be”

Shi Xiaoyas face reddened even more, and she felt so embarrassed that she could not say a word.

She could only lower her head and pretend that she was focusing on looking at the photo.

Han Zhuoling had a warm smile on his lips as he said, “You are right.

Ill do it as you say when the time comes.”

Old Mrs.

Han smiled happily and started to plan.

“When the time comes, we will go and digitally fix the photos first to make them clearer.

When we took these photos back then, there were no digital cameras, only film cameras, so the quality isnt as high as the photos now are.”

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