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Chapter 2112: You Look Better Now Than You Did Last Time

Shi Xiaoyas ears were almost fuming with smoke.

Their conversation just now was still pretty normal, how did they come to the topic of marriage as they talked

When Han Zhuoling saw her reddened face that did not even dare to look up, he quickly winked at Old Mrs.

Han to have her let Shi Xiaoya off for now.

This little girl was already too embarrassed.

If there was a crack in the floor, Shi Xiaoya would definitely squeeze into it without hesitation.

Old Mrs.

Han smiled and did not say anything more.

She went back to take her seat.

Old Mr.

Han did not go and do other things.

He just sat here as well.

Shi Xiaoya was nervous for a while.

While she was nervous, she did not look as closely at the photos.

But after a while, she felt better and started taking a closer look at the photos.

She just kept looking at them until she reached the photos of him in junior high.

Some were actually taken in Jixia Academy.

Old Mrs.

Han then explained, “As the environment in the school was good, Zhuoling and Zhuoli both attended Jixia Academy.

Zhuoling is only one year older than Zhuoli, so the two of them were only one batch apart.

Zhuoli was way more playful than he was in the past, so he would secretly take photos of him when he had nothing better to do at school.

After he took them, he would develop the photos and show them to Zhuoling.

“So over time, we collected all the photos together.

There are also some photos taken during mass activities,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Shi Xiaoya could tell.

There were photos from sporting events, photos from tree planting events, photos from basketball, and archery, swimming, etc.

There were many photos of him in action, which were a serious test of ones looks.

It was very easy for one to have unglamorous photos of themselves taken with twisted expressions or contorted faces.

But on Han Zhuoling, these did not happen.

No matter which angle it was taken from, no matter when it was taken, no matter what he was doing when it was taken…

They all looked like magazine cover shots.

He really had 360-degree good looks with no dead angles.

There was also a mass graduation photo of Han Zhuoling from senior high.

Although it was a mass photo, there were not many students in every level or class in Jixia Academy.

They had a limited quota of students they admitted each year.

It was not a school one could enter just because one was rich, so the number of students was naturally fewer.

So this mass photo only had one or two dozen people, and Shi Xiaoya could see each person clearly.

The Han Zhuoling in senior high already had the masculine features of a grown man.

Standing among his classmates made him stand out as well.

He was at least half a head taller than his classmates.

One could spot him amid the crowd with one look.

A mass group photo was also the kind that could easily ruin ones looks, but these problems were non-existent for Han Zhuoling.

It was as if, when Han Zhuoling was young, aside from looking a little younger, there was not much difference from how he looked now.

He was a cool little prince when he was young.

After he went to school, he was still an aloof yet handsome guy, but his features were not as sharp and well-defined as they were now.

It was probably because as his aura grew, his features also looked a little sharper.

He was cool and handsome in the past, but now, he was really charming and irresistible.

Shi Xiaoya looked at the photos, then tilted her head sideways to look at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling raised an eyebrow, questioning her silently.

What exactly did she see

Shi Xiaoya minced her lips in a gleeful smile, looking so sweet.

It made Han Zhuoling swallow, wanting to try if the taste of her lips was as sweet as it looked.

Or if it tasted even sweeter than it looked.

At this moment, he heard Shi Xiaoya laugh and say, “You look even better than you did in the past.”

When Han Zhuoling heard that, it was as if he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Its good as long as it makes you like to look at me.”

He was really a little worried that Shi Xiaoya would disdain him for being old now after seeing how he looked like in his youth.

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