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Chapter 2119: He Was Just Being Selective

Xu Fei had already become popular under Dong Qinrongs guidance, and judging from Dong Qinrongs recent actions, she was probably going to groom Guo Zaixu next.

Clearly, they were also staying on the same floor.

They happened to come out from the opposite lift.

“Young Master Ling.” When Dong Qinrong saw Han Zhuoling, she immediately greeted him.

Xu Fei and Guo Zaixu also greeted him immediately, “Young Master Ling.”

Han Zhuoling nodded slightly and asked, “You all just came”

“Yeah.” Dong Qinrong smiled and said, “We just came over.

Once we are done with our styling, we will go and attend the charity gala.”

Dong Qinrongs attitude made one feel very comfortable.

It was not overly flattering, and she managed her disposition quite well.

Indeed, to be able to have such a stable career in the entertainment industry for such a long time, her EQ would naturally not be low.

As for the celebrities under her company whom she wanted to groom, they would probably have been trained quite well by Dong Qinrong too.

So they did not interject abruptly at this moment.

Actually, that was how things worked to begin with.

If you are obedient, I will groom you.

If you cant be controlled, then you can go to whoever can groom you and make you popular.

I wont groom you.

Dong Qinrong made her attitude very clear right from the start and had been doing so all along.

Xu Fei and Guo Zaixu knew that well and did not dare to disobey her casually.

The two of them were ambitious, but they knew to weigh the pros and cons.

Without absolute certainty, they would not dare to oppose her secretly.

Han Zhuolings reputation was known to everyone.

He did not like men nor lust for women.

Until now, besides his previous marriage, which he did not even like himself, the only person he was really devoted to and acknowledged his relationship with was Shi Xiaoya.

People outside the industry might not know about Jiang Yuhan and Liu Enxiaos ending.

But they were all in this industry, so how would they not know

So they straight away dismissed the thought of playing any tricks on Han Zhuoling.

It was way too risky.

They might as well stay by Dong Qinrongs side honestly.

Anyway, Xu Fei felt that her career development was quite promising.

It would be pretty good to follow Dong Qinrong, learn more from her, and expand her connections.

If Guo Zaixu wanted to take the backdoor route, he would have to find gay bosses or sugar mommies.

But at least now, he still could not accept these methods.

Seeing that Xu Fei was doing quite well, he temporarily calmed himself down to learn from Dong Qinrong.

Hence, the two of them behaved really appropriately by Dong Qinrongs side right now.

“Young Master Ling, youre also attending tonight” Dong Qinrong asked.

Han Zhuoling then said, “I came with my girlfriend.

She has a makeup job assignment.

I came to wait for her to be done with work.”

Guo Zaixu and Xu Fei really could not hide their shock.

As they were stunned, they did not manage to control their expressions in time.

Their shocked expressions were revealed all over their faces just like that.

They naturally knew of Han Zhuolings love life.

It had once made waves online.

It was rare that Han Zhuoling, who usually did not talk, actually spoke to show support for his girlfriend.

A low-key man, even if he just said one word, it would sound even more outstanding and impressive than those sappy sweet nothings.

But they also knew that Han Zhuoling was busy, extremely busy.

Yet whod have thought such a cold and busy workaholic man would actually accompany his girlfriend to work!

Although today was a Sunday…

To Han Zhuoling, there was no such thing as weekends.

There were 365 days in a year.

Every day being a workday was considered normal for him.

But now, he did not work anymore.

He actually came over to wait for his girlfriend.

Wait for his girlfriend to end work so that he could drive her home.

Who said that Han Zhuolings heart was all poured into work and did not know how to be considerate

Who said that Han Zhuoling was cold and aloof and did not know how to dote on people

It was not that he did not understand or did not know how to do it.

He was just being selective!

They never expected that, given Han Zhuolings cold personality, the moment he really fell in love, he could actually be so sweet!

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