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Just as Zheng Tianming was leaving for his lunch break, he saw Lu Man coming up with a bag in hand.

“The CEO did not ask me to order lunch this afternoon, did you bring lunch for him”

“Yes.” Lu Man raised the bag up for him to see.

“Im going to the pantry to heat it up.”

“Give it to me, you can go ahead and meet the CEO,” Zheng Tianming took the lunchboxes.

Even Lu Man did not bother being overly polite with him.

At that moment, Ye Xuanxuan just happened to come out from the secretarial office.

Usually, Yang Fangqi and the rest would go in pairs or groups for lunch.

Whereas, to avoid rumors and in fear of others seeing her, Ye Xuanxuan would normally go five to six minutes late, that way she would manage to avoid Yang Fangqi and others.

Today, like usual Ye Xuanxuan delayed herself and even the rest of the people in the secretarial office did not want to acknowledge that she only came out for lunch at this time.

At that moment she just happened to see Zheng Tianming taking the lunchboxes from Lu Mans hand, and Ye Xuanxuan laughed coldly.

Lu Man had such high ability, not being able to seduce the CEO, she just turned around and managed to seduce Zheng Tianming.

This Zheng Tianming was also so cheap, he knew what kind of person Lu Man was, she first seduced Wu Lize, then started to eye the CEO, and it was only when she did not succeed that she retreated and chose him.

Yet Zheng Tianming was not bothered by that.

Ye Xuanxuan sneered, her whole face full of contempt and disdain as she walked away.

Zheng Tianming, “…”

Was something wrong with Ye Xuanxuan!

Lu Man was too lazy to think about what else Ye Xuanxuan was randomly thinking about, the contempt on her face was already very obvious.

So she just passed the lunchbox to Zheng Tianming and went to Han Zhuolis office.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli was busy with his work.

When he rose his head up and saw that Lu Man had come empty-handed, he instantly stretched out his hand and pulled her onto his legs.

“You came here empty-handed” Han Zhuoli asked as he pulled her into his embrace, narrowing his eyes like a dangerous large cat.

Lu Mans poked his chest lightly with her finger.

“Why Is it that you no longer care if it just me”

Han Zhuoli grabbed the hand that was randomly moving around on his chest and fiercely muttered, “Little fox!”

She had even learned how to attack back!

Pressing her soft fingers, he suddenly thought of something and lifted them up and stuffed them into his mouth to softly bite on them.

An itchy and numbing current flowed from her fingertips towards her heart, and Lu Man could not help but tremble in his embrace.

The heat from his body warmed her until she was heated up all over, and the minty scent from his body seemed to become stronger.

“Im hungry.” Han Zhuolis low voice became even more hoarse.

It seemed like not only was he hungry, he was also thirsty.

Lu Mans breathing stagnated.

“I… I brought lunch boxes, Assistant Zheng just went to heat them up.”

Han Zhuoli stopped for a while, his lips curling upwards, “So you still remember it.”

Her heart was seduced by his husky voice, making her whole body feel itchy.

At this moment, being so close to him, Lu Mans breathing was messed up.

Han Zhuoli pecked her fingers a few times, his burning hot hand had pressed against the back of her neck.

“The lunchboxes have yet to come, I want to eat some dessert first.”

Under his hot and burning gaze, Lu Man trembled.

She did not even have time to say anything when Han Zhuoli started kissing her lips.

He was really treating her as a dessert, sucking and biting her.

All this while, Lu Mans back was pressed against the side of the office desk, it was pressing to the extent her back was paining a bit.

However, with her thin body was being trapped in his arms she could not run away.

“Dont you still have work” Finally, Lu Mans two lips got some freedom, so she tried to get some oxygen.

Who knew that as soon as she said that, Han Zhuoli would stretch out his long arms and sweep away the documents on the desk to the side.

Lu Man: “…”

Wasnt it that the documents on the CEOs desk were all very important


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