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Chapter 2123: I Would Actually Find That Insulting

To this day, Cen Mengqing still wanted to live by the name of being Han Zhuolings mother-in-law.

When Han Zhuoling found a new girlfriend, it was as if this son-in-law of hers had committed adultery.

She would never acknowledge other women.

Hence, once she recognized Shi Xiaoya, Cen Mengqings expression soured instantly.

“So its Miss Shi.” As the board member, Cen Mengqing said, “I dont recall the charity gala inviting you over.”

Shi Xiaoya said in a tone that was neither haughty nor humble, “I came in as a makeup artist, together with a guest.

Before the gala starts, I will accompany her for the whole time here.”

“Hah!” Xia Yixin scoffed.

“Dont you just want to cling on and stay here Since you are Zhuolings girlfriend, why didnt you ask Zhuoling to bring you in

“Why Dont tell me Zhuoling also thinks you are a disgrace” Xia Yixin said in a cold, sarcastic tone.

Shi Xiaoyas face hardened as she said, “Miss Xia, that is my boyfriend.

Please have some decency and stop addressing my boyfriend so intimately.”

When Xia Yixin heard that, she glared ferociously, as if she wanted to rip Shi Xiaoya apart.

How could Cen Mengqing let Shi Xiaoya agitate her own daughter like that in front of her

Anyway, in her view, Han Zhuoling was once her son-in-law, meaning he would always be her son-in-law in this lifetime.

It could not be that after he divorced Xia Yixin, he would no longer treat her like a mother-in-law.

But who was Han Zhuoling shaming now!

After he divorced Xia Yixin, he found such an ordinary makeup artist

Even when she filmed for Survivor, that was also by Han Zhuolings recommendation.

Shi Xiaoya on her own would never have been able to get on the show.

Such an ordinary girl that did not have anything, Han Zhuoling actually liked her

Whose face was he slapping!

Cen Mengqings face paled in anger and she said, “Miss Shi, you are young and bursting with energy.

You got an outstanding boyfriend at such a young age, and your life suddenly saw a 180-degree change, as if you suddenly got rich overnight.

You forgot yourself for a moment, so you became arrogant and conceited, not treating anyone with respect.

But youve never experienced this before when you were young, so when this suddenly happened, its quite understandable from others perspective.

“But if its not yours, and it will never be yours.” Cen Mengqing stared at Shi Xiaoya disdainfully and said, “Although Zhuoling divorced my daughter, I still treat him as my son-in-law.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

For a moment, she had actually been stunned by Cen Mengqings shameless words.

How thick was her skin They already got a divorce and you still wanted to take advantage of it

Was the relationship always reciprocal

“Even if he wont get back together with my daughter—”

“Mom!” Xia Yixin could not help but call out.

How could Cen Mengqing say that

She did want to get back together with Han Zhuoling!

Cen Mengqing pursed her lips and took a cursory glance at Shi Xiaoya before saying to her, “Even if he wont get back with my daughter for the time being and went to find someone else, I cant stand watching him be with someone like you.

Its too insulting.”

“Even if he wanted someone else, he should have chosen someone who isnt too different, right He actually chose someone whos so different from my daughter.

Who is he trying to annoy” Cen Mengqing really just threw away even the most basic courtesy she had and just said that to Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya smiled sarcastically.

“Of course he has to find someone whos way more different from your daughter.

He suffered such a huge loss with Miss Xia, so could he possibly want to find someone just like her again How devastated must he have been to do that! Dont compare me with your daughter either.

Im sorry, I dont want to be compared with her.

I actually find that insulting.”

“You!” Xia Yixin was utterly enraged.

“What are you being proud for!”

“How can I not be proud” The angrier Xia Yixin was and the more she did not want to see Shi Xiaoyas proud and gleeful face, the more Shi Xiaoya wanted to smile gleefully for her to see.

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