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Chapter 2124: Find Such a Disgraceful Thing Like You

“My boyfriend is Han Zhuoling.

Just with this, its enough for me to extremely proud.

You keep finding trouble with me, but isnt it just because you regret it now Its no use, though! Hes my man now.

Even if you regret it until your eyes pop out from jealousy, theres no use.”

Shi Xiaoya did not hide her own feelings at all and gave her an expression that literally read, “You jealous Ill piss you off to death lalala!” It really made Xia Yixin so enraged that her face contorted in anger.

Cen Mengqing said furiously, “Why did Han Zhuoling choose such a disgraceful thing like you!”

Cen Mengqing realized that shed lost her cool and took a deep breath, trying to control her emotions a little.

“Theres no use even if you gloat now.

You and Han Zhuoling wont last.

“The two of you belong to two different worlds, after all.

Its impossible for you two to be together.” The Han Family could accept a Lu Man, but could they accept a Shi Xiaoya

Thats hard to say.

When Han Zhuoli got together with Lu Man, Han Zhuoli definitely made huge efforts to make the Han Family accept her.

And, no matter what, even though Lu Man had a whole bunch of troubling issues at home, she was a celebrity to begin with.

She had fame, and at least when she went out, she was still quite reputable.

And, Cen Mengqing thought, the reason why the Han Family could let Han Zhuoli marry Lu Man was because, towards the end, Wang Juhuai became Lu Mans stepfather.

The Han Family saw that Lu Mans background was already different now, and it was enough for her to be matched with the Han Family.

That was why they agreed.

But Cen Mengqing did not know, these were all her self-conceited thoughts.

The Han Family, from start to end, had never minded anything.

It was actually just her who imagined all this big drama about Lu Mans difficult marriage into a rich family.

Similarly, she also imagined such a situation for Shi Xiaoya.

She felt that the Han Family had already accepted Lu Man with so much “difficulty.”

How could they allow and accept another “disgraceful” granddaughter-in-law

And Shi Xiaoya did not have a backer like Wang Juhuai.

“You and Zhuoling wont be able to last, so its a matter of time before you break up,” Xia Yixin continued after she understood Cen Mengqings words.

Xia Yixin stared at Shi Xiaoya with evil intent written all over her face.

Suddenly, she started laughing in a weird manner.

“Shi Xiaoya, are you happy being a mistress” Xia Yixin suddenly said very loudly.

Shi Xiaoya frowned.

Could it be that Xia Yixin still wanted to do what the middle-aged woman did

But she heard Xia Yixin say, “I say, why did Han Zhuoling suddenly want to get a divorce with me! He even framed me, so its actually you who seduced him! You shameless woman!”

Shi Xiaoya understood it immediately.

Xia Yixin really had such a good idea.

Because of her divorce from Han Zhuoling previously, Xia Yixins reputation had already gone down the drain.

Even if the Xia family wanted to arrange another marriage for her, they would not be able to find anyone.

With her history of adultery, no one would dare to take the risk to marry her!

Who knew whether she would secretly make a cuckold of another man

Anyway, because of Xia Yixin, the Xia family could be considered to have offended the Han Family through and through.

And their capabilities were clearly lacking.

Who would be so suicidal as to marry someone who was completely useless to himself and might even drag him down

It also might very likely incur the grudges of the Han Family because of this.

Not only would he not be able to get any benefits, he might even get implicated as well.

Hence, Xia Yixin had simply turned into a difficult problem.

Besides the point that she did not think highly of anyone else and dreamed of getting back with Han Zhuoling, even if she wanted to marry someone else, other people might not dare to want her.

So, Cen Mengqing and Xia Yixin, this mother and daughter pair, really did not understand their current situation at all.

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