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Chapter 2139: Gone Off-topic

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This time, when Lu Man made a move, Eight Skin Entertainment shared it at the first instance.

Some accounts that had worked together with Lu Man before did so as well, but their working relationship was only slightly better than what their interests entailed.

They more or less had some relations with Lu Man.

After Lu Man went to notify them, they all went to delete the Weibo posts that had Shi Xiaoyas video in them.

Instantly, the big-name accounts that shared that video were reduced by half.

The remaining half were not very popular compared to those that Lu Man had notified.

As for the rest, they were some minor gossip accounts.

The popularity of that video of Shi Xiaoya dropped a little.

In its place was her graduation photo, which immediately climbed to the top 5 hot search topics.

At this moment, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli hurriedly came over.

Han Zhuoling personally went downstairs to fetch them up.

When they entered, Shi Xiaoya had already prepared some tea and fruits for them.

When they saw Shi Xiaoya, they found she was not anxious or panicky at all.

This made Lu Man assured.

They sat on the sofa in the living room.

“You both saw Xiaoyas graduation photo online, right”

“We saw.

I knew it was done by you the moment I saw it.” Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Perhaps other people might be able to do it too, but they definitely would not have been able to do it as well as you have, achieving such a wide reach within such a short period of time.”

“After it was sent out, I expected that there will be some people who will doubt how real the photograph is,” Lu Man said.

“Thats fine.

We have many ways to prove that.

But I didnt use it immediately because I want the netizens to discuss this graduation photo.

“Whether its good or bad, the more they talk about it, the more popular it will become.

Well let those people fix their attention on discussing whether the photo is fake or real.

The greater the number of people discussing that, the lesser their attention would be on the previous video.”

She was distracting the netizens focus, using an issue that was comparatively much less damaging to cover up an issue that was comparatively much more damaging.

Indeed, the netizens discussions had already gone off track from the original topic.

Most of them were debating whether the graduation photo was real or not.

The topic even continued to climb up the hot search ranking.

Meanwhile, the video that had been highly popular previously saw fewer people discussing it now.

The discussions had been overshadowed by the graduation photo.

Lu Man smiled and said, “Actually, besides looking for those big-name accounts to delete the previous video, I also looked for paid posters to sow discordant voices in the discussions about the graduation photo.

They first suggested that the graduation photo might be fake to hype up the discussions.”

Shi Xiaoya was really in awe.

There was really a reason why Lu Man had been called the top PR manager by other people.

She had only heard of those cases that she had done in the past.

But she had mostly been like those netizens, watching from the sidelines.

She thought that she got a clear idea of it, but she had actually been in the fog all along.

As for some of the schemes involved, they had not seen them at all.

All they saw was the results.

Only after really working together with Lu Man would one know how much effort Lu Man had put into the details.

If Shi Xiaoya was not the person involved this time, she would have just thought that those netizens who had opposing voices were simply just netizens.

She would never have expected that amid these people, some were actually hired by Lu Man to hype up the rhythm of the discussions.

This would be an incomprehensible thing to do in most peoples minds.

Since you are helping me, why are you taking the initiative to bring up the rhythm of others who are doubting me

But only after hearing Lu Man explain would one know the reason for her doing such a thing.

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