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Chapter 2143: This Is Very Telling

Dong Qingxing: “We all treat Xiaoya like our own younger sister.

Bullying her is like bullying our younger sister.

For anyone to say that she got kept by someone, its the most ridiculous joke Ive ever heard in my life until now.”

Afterward, Lu Man then uploaded another video through Eight Skin Entertainment.

It was another video of that middle-aged woman who came to cause trouble for Shi Xiaoya.

But this video was clearly a little longer.

It was the complete video of the scene when the middle-aged woman came to cause trouble.

When she saw the angle from which the video was taken, Shi Xiaoya asked in surprise, “This is—”

“This was sent by Qin Zigou,” Lu Man replied.

“On the way, Qin Zigou contacted me and said that he felt there was something amiss in this matter for this middle-aged woman to suddenly come out of the blue.

So he asked his assistant to quietly record a video.

Its best if it did not need to be used, which would mean that theres no trouble.

But if something really happened, we could use this video.”

Part of the content in front was the same as that which was sent out by Cen Mengqing previously.

But as time passed, the video exceeded the one Cen Mengqing sent out.

In this video, Shi Xiaoya questioned that middle-aged woman.

As well, the words that Qin Zigou had said were all recorded inside.

Everyone could see it clearly.

Including Shi Xiaoya being very logical and rational, pointing out the fake goods on that middle-aged woman one by one, as well as how her own residence was a gift from her family.

Shi Xiaoyas tone was very calm.

Her voice was not raised, nor did she sound anxious.

But that calm tone actually appeared especially domineering.

She just suppressed the earlier arrogance of that middle-aged woman right away.

Not only were normal netizens watching this issue.

Many celebrities in the entertainment industry were also watching this issue.

After all, Shi Xiaoya was not just the top makeup artist Shi Xiaoya, she was also the Shi Xiaoya that was Han Zhuolings girlfriend.

There were many celebrities who attended the charity gala tonight, which just ended.

They sat in their cars, preparing to look at the beautiful, edited photos that their companies had sent them, and to see what the reactions of the netizens were.

Yet the moment they went online, they saw that their originally planned hot search goals had been completely sidelined.

It was originally a fight for glamor between them whod attended the charity gala.

Theyd prepared to post notices about it to get on the hot search.

There were some people who had prepared for it for a long time and intended to use some schemes to win above others.

In the end, great, no one could dream of getting to the top tonight.

The hot search topics online had all been occupied by Shi Xiaoyas issue.

The charity gala tonight was intended to increase some of their own exposure, but it did not succeed.

Even Yu Mingshu, who was considered one of the biggest shots tonight, was also buried under Shi Xiaoyas hot search topics.

They were curious then about what had suddenly happened to Shi Xiaoya.

How was she so capable to be able to hold on so tightly to the hot search rankings

Everyone still remembered that, before the gala started, Xia Yixin went to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya.

They then wondered whether this was related to it.

When they read through the issue from start to end and then saw the video, they then realized what was going on.

They could not help but think to themselves, no wonder Shi Xiaoya could remain so calm and composed when she received so much attention and spotlight for being a couple with Han Zhuoling previously, as if she was used to grand occasions.

So she was indeed used to grand occasions.

The netizens also saw this new video that Lu Man had just sent out.

“So Shi Xiaoya and Cris are childhood friends.

There have always been rumors online that Criss background isnt ordinary, but exactly what it is, no one has been able to find out.

But similarly, this is very telling.

If it cant even be found out, then his background must be really formidable to the point that its scary.

For her to be able to be childhood friends with Cris, its already very telling.”

“To be able to see with one glance that that middle-aged woman was wearing fake goods from head to toe, her eyes must be really sharp.

Its obvious that she had been exposed to these things from a young age and is used to seeing them.”

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