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Chapter 2145: He Admitted Defeat, He Really Admitted Defeat Now

She would definitely spill out her backer all at once.

But Shi Xiaoya refused to say it and just waited for them to make an even bigger mistake.

How were there such evil people around!

“You didnt know You—” The other party could not even finish speaking due to anger.

He was just a normal citizen who worked for other people.

As for all these great family matters, he did not know much about it.

But Cen Mengqing actually did not know either

Did that make sense

“I wont handle this case anymore.

I give up.

I dont want the money anymore either.

I will return you the deposit you gave me in full.

Im sorry, the Shis and the Hans are two god-like households.

Im just an average commoner.

I cant afford to offend them,” the other party said.

“What do you mean” This time, Cen Mengqing actually reacted very quickly.

“Are you planning to betray me”

Cen Mengqing said coldly, “Since you accepted my request, that makes me your customer.

You cant betray me.

If you betray me, you are the one breaking the contract!”

The other party thought, “Im already returning the deposit to you.

Even if I break the contract and have to pay you money, its still much better than being targeted by both Han Zhuoling and Shi Nancang.”

Not to mention Lu Man, who was eyeing the situation closely like a tiger waiting to strike at the side.

“Dont worry, I still have my professionalism, I wont betray you,” he said.

“But given how smart Han Zhuoling and Shi Nancang are, not to mention how they have a Lu Man between them…”

Even without bringing Shi Nancang into it, Han Zhuoling and Lu Man were both god-like people.

To compete against them with brains

He admitted defeat.

He really admitted defeat now.

After this time, this person did not want to compete against Lu Man anymore.

Competing against Lu Man was simply a nightmare!

“Those three people, they could take a simple guess to know who did it,” the person said.

“I dont need to say anything.

But dont worry, I really wont say anything.

For this matter, if Shi Nancang and Han Zhuoling want to pursue the matter, I will go and apologize on my own.

Thats all, Ill hang up now.

Just take it that this partnership of ours never existed.”

He ended the call, then went online again and saw that Han Zhuoling had also spoken up.

“When the incident in the video happened, I was also there.

I made a police report that very day.

That woman had already admitted that she was instructed by someone to slander Xiaoya.

She is still in custody now.

And the mastermind behind this has also been arrested today.

The people who spread the rumors tonight, I wont let a single one of you off.

“All along, Xiaoya has kept a very low profile, just focusing on doing her field of work, never using her background to create publicity for herself.

If she had used this point to attract eyeballs long ago, she probably would have become an influencer long ago,” Han Zhuoling said.

“But keeping a low profile to avoid trouble doesnt mean that she can let anyone bully her.”

When the PR manager that Cen Mengqing hired saw Han Zhuolings post, he felt cold sweat breaking out.

This person did not dare to delay any further and asked someone to find out Lu Mans number.

He roused someone from their sleep in the middle of the night, but he could not care less about that right now.

Keeping his life was the first priority.

On Lu Mans end, she was preparing to execute the last step.

Han Zhuoling had already indirectly mentioned Xia Yixin.

He did not directly name her.

But the people who attended the charity gala tonight would surely know.

Those celebrities would not get themselves involved in this messy situation, but the people who attended the charity gala tonight were not only celebrities, there were even more staff members present.

So, Lu Man intended to use these “staff” to throw Xia Yixins name out.

She was still contacting people and had not finished discussing with them when she received a call.

The screen only displayed a string of numbers, not someones name, so it was not someone she knew.

Thinking that it was one of those scam calls, Lu Man first answered it and said, “Hello.”

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