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Chapter 2153: Compensate Me a Boyfriend

“So, I am announcing the real reason behind our divorce now, to prevent Xia Yixin from spouting any more nonsense and harming the people I care about.”

When Han Zhuolings three paragraphs of words came out, the netizens exploded.

It could be said to be way more explosive compared to when Shi Xiaoya was misunderstood as being someone elses mistress previously.

One netizen said, “Previously, everyone had already guessed this.

This time, we finally got personal confirmation from the person involved.”

“I can understand why Han Zhuoling kept mum about it.

No one would like to talk about this publicly, its not like its something glamorous.

Anyway, its clearly his own private matter, so why does he have to tell a bunch of strangers about his own family matters He doesnt have a duty to explain to a bunch of strangers about his private matters.”

“Xia Yixin is too much of a bully.”

“With this, she still has the gall to go and slander Shi Xiaoya and even dream of patching things up What does she take Han Zhuoling for Shes delusional.”

“Han Zhuoling is really very manly.

He did not speak a word about this when this happened to him.

Even if his ex-wife slandered him, he did not reveal this either.

If not for how Shi Xiaoya got bullied now, I think he would not have said anything either.

His character is really freaking good.

Cheering for Han Zhuoling.”

“Previously, I was just a casual fan of Han Zhuoling.

I quite admired him, but not as crazily as his fans.

But now, I am going to stan him.

Han Zhuoling really used his character to prove that his fans didnt stan the wrong person.”

“The person above, actually, Han Zhuoling doesnt need any fans to begin with.

Hes not a celebrity, and he doesnt need to rely on fans to bring up his popularity or the like.

Hes just being himself.

His fans just come naturally.”

“Exactly, being yourself will then draw countless fans to you.

This is even more rare.”

“If this was someone else, I might treat this as a drama to watch from the sidelines.

But Han Zhuoling is really too manly.

Im not watching this for fun or mocking him, he is my male idol.”

“Im done, Im done for.

What to do when Han Zhuoling raised the bar too high for the qualities of the ideal man in my heart I clearly know few people would be able to be like him, but then I thought that since he can do it, this shows that it is entirely possible.

Why cant other people do it Im done, Im done, I feel like I probably cant find a boyfriend anymore for the rest of my life.

Han Zhuoling, compensate me a boyfriend.”

“Xia Yixin is really too ridiculous.

She did not know how to treasure such a good man.

Whats the use in regretting it now”

“AHHH, this is too sweet! My blood sugar rose just from seeing Han Zhuolings statement.

Whats going on!”

“This is way too sweet.

To be honest, no one would like to talk about this publicly.

Its not glamorous, after all.

Saying it out loud is like opening up an old bloody wound.

But Han Zhuoling even said this matter for Shi Xiaoyas sake.

He is really too indulgent and sweet.

This gives me a feeling that he could do anything for Shi Xiaoya.”

“Han Zhuoling did not say it all this time, which shows that if its not urgent and needed, he would not have liked to announce it either.

Even the divorce statement that he posted previously did not mention any specific reason.

For him to take the initiative to publicly say this, no matter who it is, it would be a very difficult thing to do.

Now that Han Zhuoling said it and opened his wound for everyone to see, I only have admiration for him.”


Han Zhuoling is so responsible, which is really super impressive.

I envy Shi Xiaoya so much.

Xia Yixin is the one who doesnt have the fortune.

Han Zhuoling could meet Shi Xiaoya after his divorce, and this shows that the two of them are fated.”

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