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Chapter 2154: Cold and Arrogant CEO Image Completely Disappeared

“This shows that Shi Xiaoya had always been waiting for him.

He does not need to make life difficult for himself just because of a trashy person he met previously.

This is the fault of the trashy person, not yours.”

“Oh my, thinking of it this way, this feels like Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya are such a great match! If not, the two of them would not have met each other.

This feels as if Han Zhuoling divorced just to meet Shi Xiaoya, and Shi Xiaoya had just been waiting for Han Zhuoling all along.

So romantic.”

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that netizens comments towards Han Zhuolings public announcement of the reasons for his divorce would be so positive.

No one mocked Han Zhuoling, no one treated him like a joke or acted like they were just in it for the show.

Instead, they gave Han Zhuoling super positive and great comments for his responsibility.

Even the twos relationship had been colored with a layer of romance by everyone along the way.

Shi Xiaoya turned to look at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling gave a faint smile.

“So touched”

Shi Xiaoya nodded very honestly, not hiding it at all.

Han Zhuoling felt very disdainful of Han Zhuoli, Lu Man, and Shi Nancang these three mega-watt light bulbs.

Because the three of them were around, he did not do anything.

If they werent here, he could have asked for a kiss from Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya did not know what Han Zhuoling was thinking about right now.

She just felt that she could not let Han Zhuoling bear the burden of this by himself.

Han Zhuoling had already openly expressed his attitude, so she could not pretend to be dead and not say anything.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and reshared Han Zhuolings announcement, drafted her words, deleted and edited things before finally posting: “Proud, moved.

This is the best boyfriend ever in history, right”

After Shi Xiaoya posted that, the discussions became a little more lively.

It made a topic that seemed a little solemn at first instantly become casual and lively.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA! This gives me anold husband young wife image.

Han Zhuoling is being all stern and proper while Shi Xiaoya is feeling moved on her end.”

“Im imagining this.

Han Zhuoling is in deep thought while Shi Xiaoya is jumping around him.

Han Zhuoling looks up to glance at her and Shi Xiaoya says,Im not moving, Im not moving.\'”

“AHHH, Shi Xiaoya, I envy you so much.

How can you have such a good boyfriend like Han Zhuoling.”

She had been slandered for no reason at first and a huge controversy had been stirred up, one that made Shi Xiaoya feel quite sad.

But after Han Zhuolings statement, plus the netizens hyping it up, Shi Xiaoyas mood became much better.

She was even in the mood to make jokes now.

She casually picked this netizen to reply to.

“I am one of a kind.

Its probably because I did some amazingly good deed in my past life.”

Shi Xiaoyas reply instantly turned it into the most popular thread.

The people behind started to leave comments saying “HAHAHAHAHA, this glee is practically leaping out from the screen!”

“Han Zhuolings personality is more mature and solemn while Shi Xiaoyas is more lively, so they complement each other.

They are such a great match.”

When Han Zhuoling saw these comments, his spirits also lifted considerably.

He gave the comments that praised them for being a great match a like and did not find that tiring at all.

Shi Xiaoya watched from the side as Han Zhuoling happily gave likes with a smile.

But the netizens were going crazy over Han Zhuolings likes.

“Han Zhuoling gave me a like!”

“Just because I said that he and Shi Xiaoya were a great match, he gave me a like.”

“What the.

I just realized he liked all the comments that praise him and Shi Xiaoya.”

“The cold and arrogant CEO image completely disappeared.”

“He gave likes to all the comments that praised him and Shi Xiaoya as a great match.

Why does this feel so cute all of a sudden!”

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