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Chapter 2164: At Least Youre Not Muddle-headed

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“We cant contact Han Zhuoling, and we cant contact Shi Xiaoya.

How are we supposed to apologize to her”

Cen Mengqing actually reacted quickly this time.

“What about Lu Man Lu Man was the one doing the PR for Shi Xiaoya for the matter tonight.

We can go through Lu Man to contact Shi Xiaoya, or we can go to Shi Xiaoyas work studio to wait for her.

We will surely be able to see her there.”

Xia Zhancheng finally felt that Cen Mengqing was still way better than Xia Yixin.

At least when she should bow down, Cen Mengqing would not hesitate to bow down at all.

When push came to shove, Cen Mengqing could also lower her pride and trample on herself shamelessly to achieve her goals.

Although she was not smart, at least she knew how to be shameless.

In this current society, there was not much use in being stuck up and prideful.

Pride was the most worthless thing, yet Xia Yixin just had to be as dumb as hell about it.

Her pride was clearly not worth much, yet she minded it so much.

She was clearly very stupid and not at all smart, yet she kept being so conceited, thinking that she did very smart things.

In reality, the things she did were all very stupid.

Just like when she was dealing with Shi Xiaoya.

She thought she was being smart, but in the end, she only did herself in while not a single thing happened to Shi Xiaoya.

Xia Zhancheng exhaled and said, “Your suggestion is not bad.

I think tonight wont do.

Tomorrow, we will go to Shi Xiaoyas work studio to look for her.

This time, you better remember, dont plead for Xia Yixin anymore.

Its impossible for Xia Yixin and her to reach an understanding.”

Cen Mengqing was stunned for a moment.

“Then… then were not going to care about Yixin anymore”

“How are supposed to care We cant.

If you still want to worry about her, you can go ahead on your own.

If you dare to worry about Xia Yixin, lets just divorce.

The moment you mention the three wordsXia Yixin even just once in front of Shi Xiaoya, believe me, it would be impossible for you to even beg for her forgiveness even if you kowtow and go on your knees.

“Did Xia Yixin not do enough harm to the family This is our last and only chance, and you still want to waste it because of her Besides the fact that its impossible that it will work, even if it really did work, Xia Yixin also wont remember that and wont learn that lesson.

“Our family didnt directly hurt Shi Xiaoya.

Everything was done by Xia Yixin.

So, even if Shi Xiaoya is really angry, she will not be so angry with our family.

Her rage is mainly directed towards Xia Yixin.

“As long as she can vent her anger on Xia Yixin, she naturally would not deal with our family.” Xia Zhancheng paused for a moment and gave Cen Mengqing a side glare.

“Dont tell me you still want to do our family in just because of that Xia Yixin

“Im not scaring you.

Between our family and Xia Yixin, you can only choose one.

Which will you choose”

Cen Mengqing lowered her head and gritted her teeth.

Xia Yixin was her daughter.

How could she bear to not save her

But really, compared to Xia Yixin, her family was still more important.

Cen Mengqing gritted her teeth before looking up and saying to Xia Zhancheng, “Then… we should place our family first.

“I think Yixin will also understand.

After all, if our family is done for, Yixin can really forget about living a good life anymore.

As long as our family is still around, theres still some hope left.”

Xia Zhancheng nodded in satisfaction.

“At least youre not muddle-headed.”

Coincidentally, the next day was a weekday, so Han Zhuoling drove Shi Xiaoya to her work studio.

Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing also arrived at the building where Shi Xiaoyas work studio was very early in the morning.

But because of the lesson from the middle-aged woman back then, the security officers at the entrance to the office building did not dare to casually let anyone in anymore.

As long as they were not people who worked in the office building, they simply stopped them and did not let them go in.

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