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Chapter 2170: Is This the Attitude of Someone Apologizing

But she did not go straight into her office.

Instead, she told the security officers, “Please, can I trouble you both to go to the entrance and hoist those two people up Dont let them make a scene at the entrance like this.”

Qin Zigou was the boss of this building.

As Qin Zigous friend, Shi Xiaoya had quite a lot of authority as well.

Ever since the previous time when Qin Zigou flew into a huge rage because of Shi Xiaoya, everyone learned about that.

The security officers did not dare to drag their feet and delay, so they called some other officers over to go with them.

At this moment, on the pavement beside the entrance, Han Zhuoling scoffed and said, “The Xia family truly only knows how to use this kind of threatening method.

I was curious at first whether you both will really be sincere about apologizing.

Looks like you really still cant change that bad habit.”

The fox may grow but never grow up good.

Cen Mengqing seized the chance and suddenly wailed, crying out, “Mr.

Han, Miss Shi, its my fault.

I shouldnt have uploaded that video online and tarnished Miss Shis reputation!”

Han Zhuolings face darkened and he scoffed.

Even now, Cen Mengqing still wanted to seize the chance to smear Shi Xiaoyas reputation.

If she said this out loud, passersby would hear that this was the reason why she went down on her knees.

Among these passersby, there would surely be some who still did not know what happened last night.

When she said that, it would inevitably make people misunderstand and think that Shi Xiaoya did something scandalous that got exposed.


Was Cen Mengqings attitude that of someone apologizing

Which person sincere about apologizing would still try to frame the other party

The fox may grow but it really never grows up good!

And Cen Mengqing totally did not know that Han Zhuoling had long seen through her.

She still thought that she was being smart.

Xia Yixins dumb character was really wholly inherited from her.

“Please, I beg you, please give me another chance!” Cen Mengqing was still pleading.

She said, “Please give me a chance to turn over a new leaf.

I really definitely wont ever find trouble with Miss Shi anymore.

“Whatever compensation you both want, as long as our family can do it, we will definitely do our best to satisfy it.

I know I was wrong, I am really very sorry, I am really very sorry to Miss Shi!


Han, Miss Shi, you both are gracious and magnanimous, please forgive me!” Cen Mengqing did not dare to try and establish any relations and sound chummy with Han Zhuoling after he what he said.

So she could only learn from Xia Zhancheng and call him Mr.


“Please forgive me.

I will also keep an eye on Xia Yixin and not let her come and find trouble with Miss Shi.

If Xia Yixin receives the punishment she deserves, we husband and wife wont have anything to say about it.

I only ask that you spare the Xia family.”

Many passersby gradually slowed down their steps.

Some who were not in such a hurry to go to work might as well just stop in their tracks.

The number of passersby increased one by one and slowly formed a crowd of onlookers.

They self-consciously formed a circle and surrounded them in the center, watching them.


Han, on behalf of us being family once, just forgive us this time! I promise that we wont ever do such a thing again.

I can kneel down before Miss Shi.

As long as I can do it, no matter what she wants, I will satisfy her requests.

“Thats why, please let our family off.

Our family really, really cannot withstand any more blows! Its all because of that unfilial daughter Xia Yixin that our family reached such a state! For every debt, there is a debtor.

Xia Yixin already received her punishment, so please just let our family off, please!”

Cen Mengqing saw that Han Zhuolings face remained cold and unforgiving.

When she looked up, she happened to see Han Zhuoling raise his eyebrow, his expression filled with mockery.

As if he did not care that she was kneeling in front of him.

He did not care about being surrounded by so many people either.

Cen Mengqing gritted her teeth.

Anyway, things had already come to this, so she did not care about embarrassing herself even more.

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