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Chapter 2172: Completely Done For

When Cen Mengqing heard Han Zhuolings words, even her heart was shaking.

She also could not be bothered with how there were so many people surrounding them and laughing at them.

She clutched Xia Zhanchengs elbow, her face turning paler and paler as she asked hysterically, “Zhancheng, what should we do What should we do now”

“What else can we do” Xia Zhancheng suddenly shouted.

But when he shouted these five words, it sounded as if he had used up his last remaining bit of energy.

After that, his energy seemed to have been sucked out by those five words, and his whole person seemed to have lost his soul.

His shoulders drooped lifelessly.

When he started to slouch, it made him look completely like a stooped old man.

Clearly, a few minutes ago, he had his back straight and upright.

His energy was also very good.

He did not look like a fifty-plus-year-old man at all.

But within such a short time, it was as if all the energy had been sapped out of him and he aged ten years.

It was still clearly the same physique, but he looked like a 60-year-old old man, and his face looked utterly defeated and despondent.

“Were done for…” Xia Zhancheng mumbled.

As if he did not even have the energy to talk anymore, his voice sounded especially soft.

Cen Mengqing had to listen closely before she could hear him properly.

“Were completely done for…” Xia Zhancheng mumbled again.

“I struggled all my life, but now, everything is gone just like that.

The Xia family worked hard for generations to build the business up and develop it to its current scale, yet it will all be ruined in my hands.

“Were done for, were completely done for.

Its all because of you both, because of you and Xia Yixin.

The two of you ruined the Xia family!” Xia Zhanchengs eyes reddened.

“You ask me what to do You still have the cheek to ask me what to do” Xia Zhancheng suddenly said with his spit flying out everywhere, “Why do I, Xia Zhancheng, have such a family-ruining wife and such a family-ruining daughter like Xia Yixin!

“Are you both happy now Happy You both are so capable! You can ruin the Xia family by yourselves.

This is something normal people wont be able to do!


If this was in the past and Xia Yixin was really in jail, I could have still tried my best to make her live more comfortably in there so that no one can bully her.

But now, our family is done for and cant worry about only her.

Lets just each worry about our own matters.

You, I wont be able to care for you either,” Xia Zhancheng said weakly.

“Zhancheng, what are you saying You dont want me anymore Are you planning to abandon me” Cen Mengqing asked in alarm.

Actually, the two of them did not really commit a crime.

They just blocked the path on the street.

So the police did not bring them back to the police station.

After dispersing the crowd and educating the two of them, the police just left.

While Xia Zhancheng was being despondent and hysterical at this moment, there were still quite a few onlookers watching them.

Xia Zhancheng walked back to his car in desolation, and Cen Mengqing quickly followed closely behind him.

After they got in the car, the chauffeur asked, “Sir, are you going home”

“Lets go home.” Xia Zhancheng heaved a long sigh as he answered dispiritedly.

He really did not have the energy left to go to the company to handle matters anymore.

Ever since the Xia family had been suppressed, he had been struggling bitterly to keep things afloat.

Actually, his heart was already extremely tired out.

He had been working hard to make the company return to how it was initially, yet he had not been able to do that.

He had been getting setbacks and obstacles all along.

But he still persevered.

But now, he was not even given a chance to continue persevering.

It was also because he was old and no longer had the energy to rebuild his business.

If he were young, he could rely on his energy and zeal to carve it out for himself, and he might still have been able to give it a shot to make a comeback.

But now, his extremely tired out physique really could no longer shoulder such a great burden.

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