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Chapter 2173: I Will Always Stay by Your Side

When this final blow came, he could no longer raise his energy anymore.

His whole person collapsed.

He did think about it sometimes.

He was already so old, yet he did not even have a successor, and he could only struggle so hard on his own to keep it alive.

Now, it was perfect.

He did not need a successor anymore.

Because he no longer had any family business he could pass on to any successor.

Cen Mengqing did not speak a word.

She sat in this luxurious and spacious car and stared at the chauffeur in front of them.

She suddenly felt a wave of sorrow rising from the bottom of her heart.

Because all these things would be gone in time.

When she went out after this, she probably could no longer sit in such a luxurious car anymore.

She would not have a chauffeur to drive her around.

Usually, when she went out, she would have a chauffeur to drive her around.

If she did not have all these things, she did not even know what bus she should take, or where she should walk.

Who knew how many properties they could still keep at home

Tears started streaming down her cheeks from her eyes.

Cen Mengqing covered her face and sobbed as she started to cry.

Xia Zhancheng felt annoyed and did not want to hear her cry.

That their family ended up like this, wasnt it all because of her and Xia Yixin

But he did not even have the energy to scream at Cen Mengqing now.

It was as if his soul had left his body.

He just stared out of the window blankly.

The car stopped at the entrance of their familys villa.

Xia Zhancheng got off the car without a word.

Cen Mengqing cried the whole way back.

She finally composed herself a little and stopped crying so hard, just sobbing in a muffled tone on her own.

On the way back, she did not dare to talk to Xia Zhancheng either, afraid that she would make him angry.

Xia Zhancheng was right.

The Xia family ended up in this state all because of her and Xia Yixin.

Ever since Xia Yixin had the audacity to commit adultery, then give birth to someone elses child and attempt to mix him in with the Han bloodline, the Xia family had been destined never to recover, ever.

Right after that was this incident.

Xia Yixin had committed a big mistake, but she herself was an accomplice too!

It was her who did not listen to Xia Zhancheng and insisted on provoking Shi Xiaoya, and this became the last straw that crushed the Xia family to death.

After entering the house, Cen Mengqing then said, “Zhancheng, dont ignore me, dont stop talking to me.

I know, its my fault, its me and Yixin who ruined the Xia family.”

Cen Mengqing also hated Xia Yixin to death now.

That was her own biological daughter.

For her to hate Xi Yixin, how much hate would she need to have in her heart

“I wont bother myself about Xia Yixin anymore,” Cen Mengqing said.

“From now on, our family… no matter how hard life will be, I will always stay by your side.”

Xia Zhancheng did not say a word and returned to the bedroom on his own.

He was being way too scary like this.

Cen Mengqing was really afraid that Xia Zhancheng would not be able to take it and do something silly.

So she followed him closely, keeping an eye on him, afraid that he would take his own life.

This blow was really way too big for Xia Zhancheng.

The businesses that the Xias had accumulated over generations were actually totally ruined in his hands overnight.

No matter who it was, no one would be able to take it.

But Cen Mengqing clearly underestimated Xia Zhanchengs resilience.

Xia Zhancheng really felt agonized, but not to the extent that he wanted to end his life and not even have the will to live on.

Xia Zhancheng recovered after a period of dejection and desolation.

But as for Xia Yixins matter, he had resolved not to care about it.

He did not even bother finding a lawyer for Xia Yixin.

What for

The company was already bankrupt.

He could not afford a lawyers fees at all now.

The day that the Xia family announced its bankruptcy, the impact was way bigger than what Xia Zhancheng and his wife thought it would be.

This was not to say that their family had any impact on the economy whatsoever.

It was because Han Zhuoling received too much attention.

The incident where Shi Xiaoya had been slandered by Xia Yixin had just passed not long ago.

Although it was no longer as popular, it was not so quickly forgotten by netizens.

On top of that, previously, Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing had gone to Shi Xiaoyas workplace to make a scene and had caught the attention of a whole bunch of passersby.

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