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Chapter 2174: Also Tragic

The people surrounding them had all taken out their phones and recorded their nonsensical ruckus before posting it online.

In Cen Mengqings mind, she was an elder who was kowtowing to a junior.

No matter what, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya would get criticized, right

But who would have expected that the impact of the statement on the real reason behind his divorce that Han Zhuoling had posted before would be way too big

The netizens hated Xia Yixin to the core.

So even if they saw that Cen Mengqing kowtowed to Han Zhuoling, no one criticized him.

They actually all flocked to bash Cen Mengqing.

At the same time, some sharp-eyed netizens could tell from the video that Cen Mengqing was not kowtowing at all.

She was just kowtowing onto the back of her own hands.

On top of that, the video also captured how, throughout the entire scene, her words had been intended to implicate Shi Xiaoya the entire time.

In what world did this count as admitting her mistakes She just wanted to try and smear Shi Xiaoyas reputation again.

The netizens instantly got pissed off and were all bashing Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing.

“If you want to apologize, you should show your sincerity.

People like you only know how to apologize verbally, but in fact, your actions say the exact opposite.

And you still wish that people will forgive you Serves you right that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya wont forgive you at all.”

The netizens all thought so.

So, Cen Mengqing once again tried to gain an advantage only to end up in a worse state.

And now, the Xia family declared bankruptcy.

On top of the influence from the previous incident, it was as if this matter continued to ferment.

When the netizens saw that the Xia family had declared bankruptcy, although it was not to the point that everybody celebrated, the people who really pitied and sympathized with them were really quite few.

“I dont know how Xia Zhancheng is like.

But Xia Yixin and Cen Mengqing really deserve how they ended up.”

The investigation results had been released long ago.

Xia Yixin was found to be the one whod slandered Shi Xiaoya.

But that night, when the video was posted online, Xia Yixin was in the police station under investigation, so it was impossible for her to have been the one who posted that.

Then besides Xia Yixin, who else could it be

There was that statement of apology that Lu Chao had posted previously, and afterward, there were the videos that netizens posted of Xia Zhancheng and Cen Mengqing going to Shi Xiaoyas workplace to block the two of them.

They even went down on their knees to apologize.

From Cen Mengqings words from that time, everything became clear.

That video had been posted by Cen Mengqing.

This mother and daughter pair, they were really double trouble.

And the way they caused trouble was exactly the same.

The Xia family went bankrupt.

Xia Yixin and Cen Mengqing hence lost the family background that they had always been proud of, and who knew how many people clapped their hands for this

But there were also people who pitied Xia Zhancheng.

“Im not familiar with Xia Zhancheng, but it is fairly common for businessmen to pursue their own interests.

At least outside of the business field, I never really heard anything negative about Xia Zhancheng.

In the end, he got implicated and harmed by his wife and daughter to such an extent.

The family business that the Xia family had worked so hard to build up all went down the drain.

Its also quite tragic for Xia Zhancheng.”

“As the saying goes, if the wife is virtuous, the husband will have little misfortune.”

Cen Mengqing clearly knew that there would not be any nice words online, but she still could not help going online to take a look.

When she saw all these comments, she did not feel good.

But these netizens were right!

The trouble had all been brought about by her and Xia Yixin, but it harmed the whole Xia family, as it shouldered the blame with them.

In the midst of this arduous predicament involving the Xia family, how could they still hire a lawyer for Xia Yixin

Of course, if they really wanted to hire one, they could indeed hire one.

Although their family was bankrupt, it was not to the point that they could no longer live on.

They were no longer as glamorous as they had been in the past, but a starving camel is still bigger than a horse.

They could still afford to hire a lawyer.

But now, whether it was Xia Zhancheng or Cen Mengqing, they both resented Xia Yixin.

The Xia familys bankruptcy started with Xia Yixin and all boiled down to Xia Yixin.

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