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Chapter 2178: What Goes Around Comes Around

“Our familys bankrupt.

Were no longer the Xia family of the past.

Im not lying—why should I lie to you Just ask any prison warden and theyll tell you,” Cen Mengqing said coldly.

“You say we dont care about you being in here.

“We do want to care, but we cant!” Cen Mengqing no longer felt any guilt towards Xia Yixin.

Xia Yixin never cared about them.

She only thought of herself.

She was that selfish.

Cen Mengqing couldnt help wondering, what if it was she or Xia Zhancheng who was inside Would Xia Yixin think of ways to save them

She probably wouldnt, Cen Mengqing thought sorrowfully.

“Why do you think our family went bankrupt” Cen Mengqing sneered.

“Its all because of you!”

Cen Mengqing said, “Because you slandered Shi Xiaoya, because you lied to me.

You made use of me, making me post that video but neglecting to mention that the video was incomplete, that you found someone to slander her and seized the chance to film it.”

Xia Yixin said anxiously, “If youd known it, would you have sent it out”

“Thats right.

If Id known, I wouldnt have posted it.

Because I know the consequence of offending Han Zhuoling!” Cen Mengqing replied.

“I wouldnt be afraid if the video was real, because that wouldnt count as accusing Shi Xiaoya falsely.

Shi Xiaoya should settle her own problems.

Han Zhuolings someone reasonable and wouldnt shift the blame on us because of Shi Xiaoyas mistake.

“But the videos fake! You clearly knew Shi Xiaoya would reveal what that woman did after that, yet you didnt say a thing,” Cen Mengqing said.

“You even hid it from the lawyer.

“If youd been honest from the start, the lawyer couldve helped you.

But you refused to cooperate, you did this to yourself!” Cen Mengqing continued, “The lawyer wanted you to settle amicably out of court, and you refused.

And even then, you still wanted to slander Shi Xiaoya!

“And after that, did you think Han Zhuoling would let you go scot-free, let our family off” Cen Mengqing scoffed.

“Han Zhuoling had let you off time and again, and you continued to speak badly of him.

He didnt do anything to you, so you thought he had no temper whatsoever

“Hes not without temper, nor is he too lazy to settle scores with you.

Hes regarding you as something unimportant! But you hurt Shi Xiaoya, someone he cares about, so he wiped out all of us at once!” Cen Mengqing sneered.

“Why do you think hed want to ruin our family all at once Because as long as the Xia family is still standing, well be your backing.

And you can then continue having the courage to create trouble.” Cen Mengqing exhaled deeply.

“Han Zhuolings intent on removing the roots of your courage to make trouble.

“You created the trouble, yet dragged the whole family down with you.

Now that youve landed yourself in prison, are you satisfied The whole familys bankrupt now.

We cant even help you if we wanted to.

“Your end now is your comeuppance.

What goes around comes around.

You landed yourself in this mess and no one else can save you.

Had you been honest, our family wouldnt have ended up like this.

Youd still be the Xia familys young lady, and even if our familys being suppressed by the Han Family and suffering a dent in finances, we could still have lived comfortably.

“To go further back in time, had you been content with life and loyal to Han Zhuoling, youd still be Mrs.

Han, and whod make things difficult for you You wouldnt be here…” Cen Mengqing pointed at the surroundings, “in this type of place, mucking around with the lowest dregs of society.”

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