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Chapter 2179: Ill Die If I Stay Here Any Longer

“We cant afford the heavy legal fees right now,” Cen Mengqing said.

“Weve already taken out a mortgage for everything possible, yet were still wondering how to survive from now on.”

“So…” Cen Mengqing took a deep, long breath and exhaled slowly.

“If you wish to come out, you have to sit out your full sentence.

Ive asked around.

As long as you behave well, theres a chance for early parole.”

The only uncertainty was if Han Zhuoling would allow that.

But at least, this could give Xia Yixin hope to sustain her for the rest of her sentence.

“You make it sound simple!” Xia Yixin broke down, totally and utterly.

Hearing Cen Mengqings words made her realize that any hope was gone.

Her familys really bankrupt; no one could help her now.

“Even if youre broke, youre still outside, free!” Xia Yixin shouted in desperation.

“Unlike me—forced to stay in this sh*thole and getting beaten up every day! Look at me! Look at me now!”

Xia Yixin pointed at the scars on her face, screaming in agitation while spittle flew everywhere.

“How do you want me to endure anything more Ill die if I stay here any longer!” Xia Yixin yelled.

“Do you want to see me die in here”

Cen Mengqings eyes reddened when she heard Xia Yixins words—her heart ultimately ached for her daughter.

“But what can we do Even if you shout at me, I still cant save you!” Cen Mengqing wiped her tears away.

“You have a three-year sentence.”

With Han Zhuoling around, Xia Yixin unsurprisingly got the heaviest sentence.

“Three years will pass quickly in the blink of an eye,” Cen Mengqing said.

“Look how fast every other year went past us.”

“Youre outside and free, living comfortably.

Obviously, youd feel as if time passes by quickly!” Xia Yixin gritted out, “But Im in here, in a living hell, and every day feels like a year.

How could I possibly feel as if time will pass in a blink”

How she wished time would fly by within a single blink.

Yet things never were as she wished.

Every days a pain from the moment she opened her eyes until bedtime.

Only at nightfall would she then feel as if shed finally endured another day.

Thats right, every day was a test of her endurance!

The prison warden went over to remind them that visitation time was up.

Cen Mengqing stood up, sighing.

“Yixin, no one will coddle and put up with your temper in here.

Your temper has to be reined in.

Otherwise, youll be getting the short end of the stick.

“I can imagine how you got those scars.

You must have been acting high and mighty, offending others.

In here, youve got to grovel.

This isnt a place for your tantrums.” Cen Mengqing continued, “To stay here more comfortably from now on, admit your wrongs when youre wrong, and grovel when you need to.

“Doesnt matter if youre out there or in here.

If youre not able to oppose the other party, you can only lower your head.

Thats how it should be when youre dealing with Shi Xiaoya too.

When you got arrested back then, the lawyer had advised you to settle out of court and apologize to Shi Xiaoya.

But you refused and stuck to resisting her.

And whats the result You ended up in here.”

“Had you lowered your head back then, Shi Xiaoya might not have forgiven you, but you likely wouldnt be in this situation now.” Cen Mengqing took a long and meaningful glance at Xia Yixin.

“So, for your own good, to survive better, youve got to change your temper.

Were outside, we cant help you.”

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