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Chapter 2186: Who Would Want a Loose Woman Like Her

They were really extremely pitiful.

The two glanced at them in disdain and contempt.

Xia Qingyang took a megaphone out from the car and walked over to the entrance of the building where Jiang Yujies parents lived.

Lu Qi was wearing sunglasses.

She quietly stood a few steps away.

Xia Qingyangs shrewish demeanor still made her feel a little uncomfortable.

She could not adjust to her role for a moment.

She still had the baggage of being a celebrity, so it was very difficult for her to be a shrew together with Xia Qingyang.

It would really be quite difficult for any other normal rich madam to go all out like Xia Qingyang could.

They would at most go up the doorstep and bang it or make a fuss.

But to go all out without caring about her image like Xia Qingyang could, it really boiled down to her character back when she was young.

The shrewishness deep in her bones had never changed.

Xia Qingyang cleared her throat.

The passersby who saw her stance came over to look curiously.

When there was drama going on, people would all be energized and interested.

Xia Qingyang saw that the crowd was about enough, so she shouted as loudly as she could into the megaphone, “Jiang Yujie! You shameless sl*t.

You seduced my husband to become a mistress kept by him.

You ruined someone elses family, you are so shameless, you! Pei[1]!

“Jiang Yujie, come out! I know youre home!” Xia Qingyang screamed.

“You shameless thing, you seduced my husband, who is an old man! Arent you just after his money You can even do such a shameless thing, and youre still hiding What are you hiding for! Come out!

“Arent you shameless to the core Yet youre still afraid of seeing other people”

Xia Qingyang did not just scream at Jiang Yujie, she also said to the crowd that was getting bigger and bigger, “All you neighbors, you all know Jiang Yujie, right”

There were many old uncles and aunties here, some who were about to go and buy groceries, and some who had already returned from grocery shopping.

Anyway, when they saw all this commotion, they all stopped in their tracks and did not do anything else.

Some people nodded.

“Jiang Yujie, we know her.

She stays in this building above.

Shes a pretty good daughter.

She is young and pretty and has been very hardworking in her studies since she was young.

She seems to have found a pretty good job now.

Shes quite an honest child, dont spout nonsense and ruin someones daughters reputation.

She still has to find a partner.”

“Find a partner” Xia Qingyang scoffed mockingly.

“Who would want a loose woman like her! She did find a pretty good job.

The company where she works is owned by my family! She works as a personal assistant for my husband, yet she ended up crawling into his bed!

“See, she doesnt dare to come out now! I didnt wrong her!” Xia Qingyang looked around and saw the car that Lu Qiyuan had gifted to Jiang Yujie instantly.

“This car, it was gifted to her by my husband!

“Jiang Yujie, you little prostit*te, do you think earning money is pretty easy! Spread your legs wide open and you get a 200,000 yuan car,” Xia Qingyang said.

These uncouth words made some shy peoples faces redden at the same time when she said that.

Jiang Yujie naturally heard it at home.

She had just woken up and preparing to tidy up.

Her dad was about to go downstairs to buy breakfast.

He was just about to go out when he heard Xia Qingyangs ruckus.

It was so loud, it reverberated loud and clear from the ground floor up.

Anyway, their floors were not high in the first place.

There were only six floors in total.

Even without a megaphone outside, a shout could still be heard loud and clear.

Xia Qingyang was letting all the buildings around them hear as well.

“Whats going on” Mrs.

Jiang frantically ran over to look for Jiang Yujie.

“Yujie, downstairs… what shes shouting downstairs…”

Jiang Yujies face turned pale.

She instantly ran over to the window to look down.

[1] spitting sound

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