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Chapter 2188: I Am the One with the Least Right to Blame You Both

“This is our child.

If theres anything, we can always talk it out and teach her,” Mrs.

Jiang said.

“The child is already grown up, we cant hit her anymore.”

“We cant teach her anymore! You heard what she said just now too! She wont listen to us teaching her at all!” Mr.

Jiang said furiously.

“When a child is grown up, we cant discipline her anymore!

“But I cant let her disgrace the name of my family! Ive lived here for decades, and Ive never been so ashamed!” Mr.

Jiang said furiously.

“I am the one who doesnt know how to teach my children.

I didnt teach them well.

Shes grown up now, but she doesnt rely on her own work to live decently and actually went to become someone elses mistress!

“And shes still so indignant about being a mistress, thinking that that woman downstairs is no big deal.

She thinks shes not in the wrong” Mr.

Jiang raised the mop and said, “Let go! I will beat her to death today! Lest she goes out and harms other people!”


Jiang said angrily, “Other people will criticize me for not knowing how to teach my daughter!”

“Yujie has been so obedient since she was young and never did anything bad.” Mrs.

Jiang refused to let go.

“She definitely has her own difficulties this time.

“Yujie, say something! Explain what your difficulty is, or do you want to wait until your dad beats you to death” Mother Jiang said anxiously.

“Did your boss force you to do this”

Xia Qingyang had said it loud and clear downstairs, that Jiang Yujie became her boss lover.

“Did you meet with sexual harassment at work” Mrs.

Jiang asked.


Jiangs face was pulled in a tight, grim expression.

“Tell us.

If thats the case, then even if we have to go bankrupt, Dad and Mom will still seek justice for you!”

“Then what about my elder brother” Jiang Yujie said.

“Back then, he said he didnt accept any bribes, but why didnt you believe him Why didnt you try your best to defend him against his lawsuit”

“Hed committed a crime.

Was I supposed to cover up for him” Mr.

Jiang said angrily.

“You dont believe him, but I do,” Jiang Yujie said.

“You think we never tried before We looked for a lawyer, but the lawyer said he couldnt win the case either! What makes you think we didnt try before” Mr.

Jiang said.

Jiang Yujie did not say a word.

It was not that they did not try; they just did not try until they went bankrupt from doing so.

“Yujie, our family still needs to make a living.

To fight the lawsuit for your elder brother, wed exhausted our familys savings, but we still didnt win.

At most, it would only have reduced his sentence.” Mrs.

Jiang cried as she said, “As long as we could save him, we could even sell our house, no problem.

The problem was, we clearly knew we wouldnt win.

We couldnt just use everything we have to play ducks and drakes with.

“And we still had you in our family.

You still had to go to school and you still have to marry someone in the future.

We cant have nothing left at all when it comes to you.”

“But I dont care for that! You both never asked me if I wanted any of those.

My elder brother couldnt be saved, and this was all left to me in exchange for my elder brother going to jail.

I cant accept this!” Jiang Yujie cried.


Jiang inhaled deeply.

“So for so many years, you have always blamed us.”

“How can I blame you both You both just wanted to treat both children equally.

If this had happened to other families, if the parents spent everything just to save another and failed in the end, the one left behind would probably feel some resentment.

“Since I was young, you both have always treated me and my elder brother equally.

So, the person with the least right to blame you both is me.” Jiang Yujie sniffled.

At this moment, Xia Qingyang was still berating her at the top of her lungs.

Her words were sounding worse and uglier.

Jiang Yujie turned and wanted to go downstairs.

“What are you going down for!” Mrs.

Jiang got a shock.

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