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Chapter 2190: Deserve It

“I wont go!” Mr.

Jiang said coarsely.

“I cant afford to embarrass myself like this!”

“No matter how embarrassing it is, thats not as important as our daughter!” Mrs.

Jiang was also angry.

“You keep talking about embarrassment, but you have already embarrassed yourself.

Even if you dont go, do you think they wont talk bad about you

“You wont go because of your pride, but I will!” Mrs.

Jiang said angrily.

“Face is all that matters to you!

“Yujie is right, actually.

Back then, it is because we did not trust Huaizhou enough.

Back then, just for that bit of face of yours, you did not even want to see Huaizhou.

You did hire a lawyer for him, but that lawyer was not capable at all! You just hired one to ease your conscience.

“You refused to see him, saying he made you lose face, that he made you unable to step out of the house.

Face face face.

All you talk about every day is your face!” Mrs.

Jiang was still worried about Jiang Yujie.

So she did not say much and just hurriedly chased after her after leaving him with this line.

Jiang Yujie was already downstairs at this moment.

She calmly said, “Mrs.


When Xia Qingyang saw Jiang Yujie, she threw the megaphone aside and ran up to slap her.

“You shameless prostit*te, you finally want to come out now” After Xia Qingyang slapped her, she grabbed Jiang Yujies hair at once and pulled it backward, making Jiang Yujie show her face.

Jiang Yujie was young, so she was not strong.

Although Xia Qingyang lived like a rich mans wife for so many years, she had been extremely shrewish in her younger days, just that she pretended to be very weak in front of Lu Qiyuan.

In reality, she was extremely strong.

After living a few decades of a luxurious life, her fighting prowess was not as strong as it had been back then.

But she had her foundations, so Jiang Yujie was still no match for her.

She could only have her hair grabbed and scalped pulled by Xia Qingyang.

Jiang Yujie screamed in pain, her tears coming out at once.


Lu, what are you doing!” Jiang Yujie screamed in pain.

“What am I doing I want to let the neighbors take a good look at the sl*tty face of a vixen!” Xia Qingyang pulled Jiang Yujies hair back and pulled her head up to show all the neighbors who were crowding around.

Jiang Yujie could only let Xia Qingyang drag her backward.

Xia Qingyang purposely dragged her very forcefully, making Jiang Yujies head tilt backward until she was unable to move properly.

With her hair being pulled, she almost collapsed on the floor.

But when she lost balance and almost fell onto the ground, her hair was still in Xia Qingyangs grip.

The force yanked on her scalp at once, making Jiang Yujie feel as if her scalp was about to tear apart.

She stumbled and staggered.

Being dragged by Xia Qingyang, she could only support herself with the heels of her feet.

“Its her! She refused to come out just now!” Xia Qingyang pulled her up to all the neighbors crowding around to let them all take a good look.

“At my age, I am not afraid of embarrassment.

If I really cared about my face, I would give my husband away to the mistress for free!

“Am I not allowed to be a shrew If I dont behave like a shrew, my familys assets will all end up in the hands of this sl*t! Every sister out there, by my judge! If this happened to any of you, would you spare the vixen”

Xia Qingyang exclaimed loudly, “Id already thought about it.

If she did not dare to come out and see me, I will have come here every day to make a fuss.

I dont believe she could have stomached it! Its fine even if she doesnt stay here, Ill have made a fuss with her parents!

“Her parents brought up such a shameless sl*t who seduced someone elses husband.

They deserve it if I pestered them!”

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