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Chapter 2204: Then Lets Just Get a Divorce

Xia Qingyang just felt extremely stuffy and suffocated.

She did not know how Xia Qingwei felt back then.

But she was really furious now!

Xia Qingyang gritted her teeth as she said menacingly, “All those nonsense that she said, you actually believe them!”

“Even if she is lying to me, I will control her well.

I wont let her threaten your position.

After all, back then, I had already been tricked once.” Lu Qiyuan looked at her mockingly and said, “I wont let myself be tricked again.”

Xia Qingyang was so enraged that her chest started to hurt.

He actually said that he married her due to being tricked!

In the past, he did not say that.

In the past, when he married her, who knew how happy he was

“Great!” Xia Qingyang was so furious that her face started to tremble in rage.

Her facial features started contorting as a result.

“Now that you have a new girl, you even think that marrying me was like falling for a trick.

“If I still let you both continue to be together and be a Mrs.

Lu only in name, then I will be the dumb one! Youve already stopped going home because of her.

How long have the two of you been together that she could already have such a tight grip on you As time passes, you might just forget what you have said right now! Wont she replace me then”

What kind of rotten character Lu Qiyuan had, she only knew too well.

It was precisely because she knew too well that she succeeded in seducing him and pushing out Xia Qingwei.

Seeing Jiang Yujies scheme, it looked as if shed figured out Lu Qiyuans character as well.

She really underestimated Jiang Yujie.

She had just entered the company not long ago, yet she actually came to understand Lu Qiyuan so thoroughly already.

Lu Qiyuan scoffed and said, “Why do you think I dont go home now You have to know clearly that I didnt like to go home first, and that was how I ended up together with Jiang Yujie.

Before Jiang Yujie, I did not even think of finding someone outside.

Its because you kept being overly suspicious and accusing me of something I didnt do, always suspecting me.

“The moment I come home, you just keep quarreling with me and not giving me a bit of peace and quiet.

I dont want to quarrel with you.

All we quarrel about is the same old sh*t.

No matter what I say, you just refuse to listen or believe me.” Lu Qiyuan laid his hands out and said, “Fine, then I wont say anything more.

I wont come back home anymore.

Is that a no still You refused to give me some peace and quiet, so I went out to find my own peace and quiet.

“Id rather stay alone than go back and listen to you scream and shout,” Lu Qiyuan said.

“You resent me for not going home, but you never even considered, why do I not go home You dont find blame with yourself, the fault always lies with other people.

“At my loneliest moment, I saw the good in Yujie.

This has nothing to do with her being young and pretty.

At my age, I dont care about youth and prettiness anymore.

What I care about is the heart.”

“Bullsh*t!” Xia Qingyang would not believe his nonsense!

Lu Qiyuan minced his lips and scoffed before saying, “Yujie is gentle and considerate.

She will never be as shrewish as you, shouting and screaming at me.

She always thinks of me first and is considerate towards me.

She never made me worry or upset about things that happen at home.

She can give me warmth and calm, and she can help me to really relax after I get tired from working.

“Compared to when Im at home with you and your hysterical screams, what she gives me is akin to heaven.

“So, if you want me to break up with her and go back and live that kind of quarrelsome life every day with you, thats impossible!”

“Fine.” Xia Qingyang was not afraid at all.

“If you dont agree, then we can get a divorce.

I dont need Jiang Yujie to fake considerateness for me.

Saying things like Im old and wont be able to live well after divorcing you, I dont need her to be sonoble.\'”

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