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Chapter 2205: Going Crazy from Thinking About Money

“Okay, you said it.

Then lets get a divorce.” Lu Qiyuan was equally decisive about it.

Anyway, he had long had enough of her.

Previously, when he said that she could still be Mrs.

Lu and he would not give her a single cent less than what she deserved, that was the truth.

But if he could really divorce her and not need to provide for her, not need to give her money…

Wouldnt that be just perfect

He could save on that money!

Saving on a part of his expenses and burdens, wasnt this ideal

Lu Qiyuan almost wanted to laugh.

But right after that, he heard Xia Qingyang say, “We can get a divorce.

I will have my lawyer contact you.”

Lu Qiyuan felt that something was off when he heard that.

He frowned and said, “What do you mean”

Xia Qingyang scoffed and said, “What do I mean If I get a divorce, I want you to leave the marriage with nothing to your name.”

“Leave the marriage with nothing to my name You must be dreaming!” Lu Qiyuan said angrily.

“I think you are going crazy from thinking about money!”

“Im not dreaming.

You can just wait for my lawyer to contact you.

Dont forget, you are the party in the wrong in this marriage,” Xia Qingyang said.

“You are the one who committed adultery first.

I have the evidence on hand.

Even if we see each other in court, you wont get any benefits from that.”

Back then, when Lu Qiyuan divorced Xia Qingwei, Lu Qiyuan was also in the wrong.

But how could that era be as convenient as it was now

What private investigators, what stalking to find evidence All those things did not exist.

And at that time, Xia Qingwei did not have her own money to pay for these things, so Lu Qiyuan definitely had an extremely strong upper hand.

Hence, though it was clearly Lu Qiyuans fault…

Because of the wide disparity in their wealth, Xia Qingwei ended up being the one who left the marriage with nothing credited to her.

But things were different now.

Xia Qingyang had long been guarding against Lu Qiyuan, so she had money in her hands too.

Enough to play around with all these things.

“Good, good, good!” Lu Qiyuan was so furious that he started nodding repeatedly.

He laughed from Xia Qingyangs agitation.

“Ill be leaving the marriage with nothing, huh”

Lu Qiyuan scoffed and said, “I want to see how exactly you will make me leave the marriage with nothing to my name! I want to see how capable you are! Why did I take a liking to a thing like you!”

After saying that, Lu Qiyuan got off the car.

He forcefully slammed the door, making the whole car shake for a moment.

Lu Qi really did not expect that during the course of their chat, things would actually end in divorce.

“Mom, youre…” Lu Qi almost cracked in panic.

She took in a deep, deep breath while trembling.

She exhaled that breath while she trembled.

She felt anxious about her future, as well as felt anger towards this matter.

“How did you manage to bring up the topic of divorce when this was clearly a good thing that could have been advantageous to you initially” Lu Qi asked.

If Xia Qingyang got a divorce from Lu Qiyuan, even Lu Qis relationship with him would be diluted by a level.

With the position of wife empty, could Jiang Yujie let go of this opportunity

As long as Jiang Yujie married Lu Qiyuan, given Jiang Yujies abilities and methods, wouldnt it be just a matter of time before she gave birth to another child for Lu Qiyuan

It would be fine if it was a daughter.

But if its a son, she would really have no hope at all!

Even if it was a daughter, with Jiang Yujie around, Lu Qiyuan would also treat that newborn daughter with greater importance and not care about Lu Qi anymore.

She would become the second Lu Man!

If Jiang Yujie continued to sway him through pillow talk, she might end up in an even worse state than Lu Man did back then!

Just given how badly Xia Qingyang beat up Jiang Yujie this morning, could Jiang Yujie not bear a grudge

Xia Qingyang did not even consider all these things and just casually said the word “divorce.”

The scenarios today were originally very advantageous for Xia Qingyang.

Even if Lu Qiyuan did not go back home afterward and Xia Qingyang only retained her status as his wife in name…

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