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Chapter 2206: They Can Forget About Living Well

Could Xia Qingyang not use the chance to ask for benefits and conditions from Lu Qiyuan in exchange

If he gave her what she wanted, she would give him peace of mind!

If not, she would come to the office to make a scene every day and cause more trouble for Lu Qiyuan!

But Xia Qingyang never considered any of these things!

At this moment, it was Lu Qi who began to feel so angry that her chest started to hurt.

She pressed her palm over her heart, her fingers clenching hard on her chest.

She kept taking deep breaths to stop herself from screaming out loud.

But Xia Qingyang did not feel Lu Qis anger at all.

She said gloatingly and confidently, “What are you scared of I have the evidence with me.

Like I told him, hes the one in the wrong.

Either we mediate in private and he satisfies my conditions or we will see each other in court.

“If we go to court, he wont be able to escape so easily,” Xia Qingyang said confidently.

“He wont go bankrupt and leave with nothing in his name, but he still has to lose some flesh and blood and feel the pain!

“Hes so arrogant and gleeful about it, he really thinks I cant do anything to him.” Xia Qingyang scoffed.

“Dont worry, I will never let him and that vixen get a single bit of benefit at all.

They can forget about living well!”

Lu Qi just felt tired in her heart.

She closed her eyes and heaved a long, deep sigh before she said, “Even if we go to court, theres no way that he will be left with nothing.

At most, they will just make the judgment to give you a little bit more money.

As long as the company is around, this wont have any impact on him at all.

We arent done transferring his companys assets out.

The moment you get a divorce, we will be forced to stop the transfer.”

If the He family could no longer gain any benefits, who knew how they would react

Especially now that she was no longer the favored little daughter.

If Jiang Yujie gave birth to a child, Lu Qiyuans assets would probably be inherited by Jiang Yujie and her child.

She would have no part in that.

If he could not gain any benefit from her, what would He Zhengbai think

Lu Qi knew very clearly that He Zhengbai had abandoned Lu Man back then precisely because he felt that Lu Man was of no utility to him anymore.

Even though she knew this, she still chose to be with He Zhengbai, because she had the confidence that everything in the Lu family would ultimately be hers.

She and He Zhengbai were on equal footing with mutual advantages to be gained from each other.

They made use of each other, so no one was on the losing end.

That was why she did not care about what was more important to He Zhengbai.

Anyway, the things that were important to him, she had all of them.

But the moment Xia Qingyang divorces Lu Qiyuan, everything would be different.

Even if Lu Qiyuan was old and could no longer make Jiang Yujie pregnant…

As long as Jiang Yujie finds a way to capture Lu Qiyuans heart, his future assets would still be inherited by Jiang Yujie first.

Lu Qis calculating schemes were rattling away.

No matter how she calculated, she knew she would not be able to get any benefits.

If thats the case, why would He Zhengbai still continue to be with her

He Zhengbai did not need her, but she still needed the He family!

She could not be abandoned by the Hes!

She already gave so much to them.

“Then whatevers left, wont that be easily taken by that sl*t Jiang Yujie” Lu Qi reminded her.

But this reminded Xia Qingyang of something else.

“Oh, right.

Back when you looked for He Zhengbai to help transfer those assets, just where did they all go They are still under your name, right”

Lu Qi paused for a brief moment, and a glint flashed across her eyes before she said, “Of course.

Im not stupid.

If I didnt put it under my name, how can I feel assured”

“Good.” Xia Qingyang nodded.

“After I get a divorce, we still have that to live off of.”

Great, now they were back to talking about the divorce.

The mention of this made Lu Qi angry.

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