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“Yes, every year, for the Gold Finger Award, aside from the nomination spot given to our department, the CEO also has another one.

Seeing that Manager Wu did not nominate me, the CEO used his spot to nominate me,” Lu Man explained.

“Then thats great!” Sister Li was really happy for Lu Man.

No one thought that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had some kind of relation, they naturally thought that Lu Man was so talented that even the CEO noticed it.

Furthermore, Lu Man being responsible for Du Lins comeback was something Han Zhuoli watched over personally.

It was very likely that Du Xiangdong helped with this.

“It is probably that Shareholder Du also suggested the CEO, not wanting you to miss this chance,” Brother Zhang was also very relieved.

Earlier, they felt it was a pity that Lu Man lost the best chance this year.

But who knew that tables would turn and Lu Man could contest!

They were all truly happy for her!

It was only Wu Lize who felt something was not right but could not pinpoint what it was exactly.

Seeing that Xia Mengxuan had yet to come back, Sister Li hurriedly advised, “Regarding Lu Mans nomination, lets not tell Xia Mengxuan as of now and Lu Man, you too, dont tell her either.

The moment they mention your name at the ceremony, itll anger her to death! Who asked her to keep bragging all the time, a villain just got her deserts!”

“Right, lets not say!” Chen Shimian was the first to agree, “At that moment itll shock and anger her to death!”

“Alright, then lets do that, we wont say a thing,” Brother Zhang nodded.

Lu Man did not think that the seniors would actually have that kind of side to them.

Knowing that they were all feeling unfair for her, Lu Man smiled and nodded her head in agreement.


Just when they were getting excited, Xia Mengxuan happened to come back, holding her skirt up as she walked.

As soon as she appeared, Sister Li and the rest instantly stopped talking.

Seeing that, the grip on her skirt became lighter.

Xia Mengxuan thought about how when Lu Man had first come to the Public Relations Department, everyone disliked her.

Every time Lu Man appeared, even though they would be originally conversing with each other, they would suddenly stop talking and disperse with everyone going their own way.

Yet this kind of awkward situation was actually happening to her now.

Gritting her teeth, she walked over with a black face.

When everyone saw her grand floor-sweeping gown, they were speechless.

It felt like a celebrity walking down the red carpet, was it really needed

A long dress was alright, but wasnt this just too much

She had dressed so extravagantly, but if, in the end, she did not get a prize, wouldnt she be totally embarrassed

“Can we go now” Wu Lize asked Xia Mengxuan.

“We can, Im ready,” Xia Mengxuan said as she continued raising her skirt.

“Then lets go,” Wu Lize brought the Public Relations Department people and left.

It was just that Xia Mengxuans dressing was really too grand and drew several peoples gazes while walking in the company.

Rest of her colleagues felt awkward and even Wu Lizes face darkened and he sped up.

Even her colleagues walked further away, maintaining a distance from Xia Mengxuan.

Only Xia Mengxuan felt that the people were looking at her in admiration and straightened her back and puffed out her chest, walking confidently.

Upon reaching the main entrance of the company, surprisingly they found Zheng Tianming waiting there for them.

“Assistant Zheng” Wu Lize walked over, greeting him in shock, “What orders does the CEO have”

“Its like this, for tonights award ceremony, the CEO will go along with all of you,” Zheng Tianming said with a smile on his face.

Everyone was shocked and excited, it looked like the CEO place a lot of emphasis on this!

It was just that Wu Lize found it weird, in the past years, the CEO did not follow along, why was it that especially this year he was placing so much emphasis on this.

However, before he could ask that question, Zheng Tianming announced, “The CEO is here.”

Turning around, everyone saw Han Zhuoli taking long strides, walking over in a fast pace and looking as if he just finished settling stuff.

“Im sorry, I had to deal with some things before this, so I came a bit late,” Han Zhuoli apologized to everyone.


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