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Chapter 2210: A Tiger, Though Cruel, Will Not Devour Its Cubs

She might as well go and die, better than suffering in there.

But actually, this husband and wife had no right to speak of the other.

Back then, it was Xia Qingyang whod seized the chance when Lu Qiyuan suffered a stroke to transfer his assets out first.

Lu Qiyuan only committed adultery and betrayed her afterward.

Xia Qingyang attempted to use divorce to gain Lu Qiyuans assets right after that.

To take revenge on Xia Qingyang, Lu Qiyuan took out his ultimate weapon of suing her following that.

These two people exchanged blows one after another, neither willing to back down.

The two of them were the same, neither had the right to accuse the other.

“And you, he actually did not even let you off.

If he wants to sue, he can just sue me, but you are his biological daughter!” Xia Qingyang said furiously.

“A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs, but he sued you as well! This man, he never had a heart to begin with!

“Back then, when he treated Lu Man like that, I even gloated secretly, feeling that he treated us well because we were capable, that that was why we could capture him around our hands tightly,” Xia Qingyang said.

“But looking at it now, how was he doing that for us Hes simply plain selfish!

“He could abandon Xia Qingwei whod endured hardship with him in the past.

Xia Qingwei was so ill that she was on the verge of death, but he didnt even bat an eye.

He could be so heartless to Lu Man.

Back then, its all well and good that he could do that to them, but how could he do this to us today” Xia Qingyang had disappointment and hatred all over her face.

“Isnt he and that vixen Jiang Yujie together now I want to see how he will treat that vixen in the end!

“Given how crafty Jiang Yujie is, its best if Lu Qiyuan could be bitten back by her.

That will be even better!”

Lu Qi also did not expect that Lu Qiyuan would actually sue her as well.

This matter was done by her and He Zhengbai, as well as by Xia Qingyang.

The three of them did it together.

Even then, shouldnt he close one eye for his own daughter

Could he really bear to do this

She really wanted to know, when Lu Qiyuan was deciding that he would not let her off as well, whether he hesitated even a little bit at all.

“Auntie, Qi Qi.” At this moment, He Zhengbai also came out of the police station and even had a lawyer accompanying him by his side.

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qis lawyer also arrived at this moment.

“Come, lets go to my place first and analyze this,” He Zhengbai said.

“Lets not panic for now.

At such a moment, the more we panic, the easier we will make a mistake and the easier they will find us out.

“What we need to do now is to first calm down and carefully analyze things to find a solution.

This Lawyer Huang whom my family hired for me specializes in defending financial crimes.

He is very experienced.

Lets leave first, sit down and calm down, and hear what Lawyer Huang thinks.”

After He Zhengbai said that, Lu Qi calmed down quite a lot.

He Zhengbai was in the same boat as them now.

And even the whole He family was.

The moment something really happened to them, the He family that was backing them might even be implicated.

The moment the He family was implicated, this matter would become even more serious.

The Hes would suffer even greater losses.

So they did not want to see anything happen to them either and would definitely save them.

That was what Lu Qi thought, so she became much more assured.

But Xia Qingyang remained uneasy.

Since she had no choice, so she could only see what He Zhengbai had to say.


Lu Qiyuan was in the villa and waited until Jiang Yujie finally came.

Jiang Yujie almost could not step out of the house.

She had rushed out of there.

When she rushed out, she even heard Mr.

Jiang shouting behind her, “If youre still going to look for that man, dont acknowledge us anymore!”

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