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Chapter 2219: Only Have You

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“What if shed been able to tell or she suspected that the two of us ganged up to coax her into this Its fine for me, but if she knew that as her biological daughter, you still wanted to deceive her and set her up, how do you think she would feel”

Lu Qis heart sank.

She hesitated and did not speak.

“So thats why I deliberately appeared to hesitate, as if I didnt have time to consider this problem.

If I considered it in front of her face, she would then wholeheartedly choose to believe it,” He Zhengbai said in the end.

Lu Qi retracted her gaze from He Zhengbai and heard He Zhengbai say in a somber voice, “Lu Qi, the two of us will get married.

And from the start, when we were still dating until now, we have come so far and for so long.

We should trust each other more and more.

But the exact opposite happened.

Youre more and more distrustful of me and keep being suspicious of me.

“Didnt your father slowly distance himself from your mother because she always suspects him for no reason” He Zhengbai said.

“I dont want us to be like that..

Qi Qi, you have to trust me.

If we dont even have the most basic trust between us, how are we supposed to continue being together”

Lu Qi scoffed in her heart.

She indeed did not trust him.

He was already starting to threaten her now.

Was he laying the path for them to not be able to get along with each other

But Lu Qi was just like He Zhengbai.

She did not express her discontent and displeasure on the surface.

“I know, I thought too much about it,” Lu Qi said weakly.

“You know this, that my dad… my dad clearly doesnt care about me and my mom anymore.

I am no longer the Miss Lu who had everything in the past.

“Now, I want a job but dont have it.

I want a background, but I dont have that either.

My dad has abandoned me and my mom, so in the future, everything the Lu family has will definitely not have anything to do with me.

On top of that, he has a new lover now.”

Seeing the stunned expression on He Zhengbais face, Lu Qi continued, “You will know about this sooner or later anyway.

And we are about to get married, so I wont hide it from you.

My dad found a new girlfriend.

Judging from his behavior, he intended to divorce my mom from the start too.

“After this, maybe my status in the Lu family would become like that of Lu Man in the past, and I might even end up worse than her.”

Lu Qi turned to stare at him and said, “The things that you value, I have none of that now.”

Lu Qi wiped her tears and said, “Im not so naive to think that your love for me supersedes everything else and you would not be calculative about everything.

For people like us, its impossible to only talk about love.

More important is the family that we come from.

“Back when you abandoned Lu Man, for instance, and your family supported you getting together with me, its also because of my dad.” Lu Qi choked and said.

“But now, things are different.

I no longer have my dads support, and I am even worse off than Lu Man was in the past.

“At least, at that time, Lu Man did not betray my dad beforehand.

Although my dad disliked her, he did not go all out to ruin her.

But its different for me—” Lu Qi trembled as she took a deep breath.

“I know that my dad sued me together with you both because I helped you, and I betrayed him.

“So he no longer treats me like his daughter.

Plus, he has a new lover now… How would he still care about me”

“For you, I betrayed my dad and lied to my mom.” Lu Qi stared deeply at him.

“For you, I lost everything.

I lost all my support.

My dad and mom are no longer by my side.

I only have you now.”

Lu Qis eyes reddened and tears welled up in them, ready to fall any moment.

“Thats why I feel so insecure now.”

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