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Chapter 2226: Just Like a Monster

“They would not need to make sure that I die just because of such a small matter,” Lu Man said.

“Anyway, they wanted to burn me to death probably because they wanted to disguise this as a fire accident afterward.” Lu Man scoffed then said, “I was thinking back then that, anyway, I was going to die, so I couldnt let those two scumbags continue living happily.

Why should Lu Qi drive my mom to death by angering her, why should the two of them frame me and still live on so happily after I die in the end”

“In my past life, the thirty years that I lived were an exceptional failure.

I had been bullied and oppressed by the Lu family the entire time without having the ability to resist.

I was not able to treat my mom who was gravely ill, and I even had to make her worry for me in her sickly state.

“I had been bullied so tragically, but the one to blame the most for it was myself.

I was useless, to have lived my life in that pathetic state.

When I was in that fire, I then thought things through.”

Lu Mans gaze was distant, as if she returned to how she had been in her past life.

“So, I used my last breath to drag Lu Qi and He Zhengbai into the fire.

If I die, none of them should think of escaping!”

Lu Man then turned to Han Zhuoli and said, “I also dont know what happened in the end.

Whether the two of them were really dead or not.

Anyway, I lost consciousness.

When I woke up again, it was as if time had turned back and I lived one more time.

I returned to that hotel at the time before I had been framed.”

In front of Han Zhuolis encouraging gaze, Lu Man also began to talk more smoothly, and slowly, she released the stress in her heart, lessening it further and further.

Even if she did not say anything, this would not have had any impact on her and Han Zhuolis life.

But all along, this matter still remained in her heart, and it made her feel as if she was hiding something from Han Zhuoli, so she was not able to let go of it for so long.

After saying it out loud, shed been afraid that Han Zhuoli would think she was crazy or that she was a monster.

Yet now that she finally said it out loud, it had the best ending.

“Actually, I dont really understand it myself either.

Perhaps that was just a dream of mine.” But if it was a dream, the pain of being burnt in the fire felt so real.

“I cant tell whether I really experienced it once and then went back in time, like a chance the heavens gave me to start all over again and correct my life, or if I just had a dream and dreamt what I had experienced in the past,” Lu Man said.

“In my past life, in the hotel room, I was not able to wake up in time.

In this lifetime, I woke up a few minutes earlier, so I could make preparations in advance and go over to your side to try my luck.

“In my past life, I was taken away directly, so I did not have a chance to meet you at all.” Lu Man smiled and said, “To the me in my past life, you are really high and mighty, an existence that can only be looked up to but was completely out of touch.

I still remember when I was in jail, I also saw many news regarding you.”

“What news” Han Zhuoli asked.

“Just that you got some new achievements and things like that,” Lu Man said.

“I also didnt expect that Id have a chance to start anew, and even meet you.” Lu Man stared at him and said, “Dont you think… I… am like… like a monster”

“No,” Han Zhuoli immediately said.

“Whether you really experienced it once and revived for a better chance at a better life or whether it was just a dream where you dreamt of your past life to give you a warning, to let you avoid being framed, I think its all pretty good.

At least you are doing well now, and I got to meet you.”

Han Zhuoli hugged her tightly, burying his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply.

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