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Chapter 2229: Scared That I Will Never Find You Again

He really could not find someone, not that he felt so depressed that he did not bother finding anyone.

These were two separate mentalities.

If that were so, it would not be like what Lu Man had said, that he remained single up until he was 38 years old and Old Mrs.

Han also did not forcefully push him to be with someone.

To be honest, the Han Family did not lack successors.

Even without him, there was still his big brother.

Han Zhuoli paused for a moment, thinking of how his big brother had previously become a daddy out of the blue for someone elses child.

Fine, without his big brother, there was still Zhuofeng as well!

Thinking of Han Zhuoling, Han Zhuoli then asked, “Then in the previous lifetime, how was Big Brother like Did he divorce Xia Yixin He didnt continue to get deceived by her, right”

“I dont know about his.” Lu Man shook her head and said, “I was in jail at that time, so the things I knew were very limited.”

“Forget it, look at me, Ive also turned silly.

No matter how the past life was like, that was still the past life.

It has nothing to do with our current lifetime,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Mm.” Lu Man nodded.

“In this lifetime, Im fine, and Xia Qingyang went to take the rap for Lu Qi and He Zhengbai and went to jail.

“Actually, its because I heard that Xia Qingyang went to jail that I thought of what happened in the past life,” Lu Man said in a small voice.

“In this lifetime, my mom is also fine.

She recovered from her illness and is very healthy.

She even got together with Dad and had Yijun.

Big Brother also divorced Xia Yixin and did not get deceived by her.

He is getting on well with Shi Xiaoya now.

“From the moment I woke up in that hotel room, everything has changed and no longer unfolded the same way it did before.

The people around me, their fates have changed as well.

And those in the Lu family whose lives went smoothly in the previous lifetime also saw their fates change,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli nodded.

Even he was someone who became close to Lu Man.

In the past life, he remained single until death.

But now, he and Lu Man were together.

“What happened in the past life, just let it be.

Lets just live our current lives well,” Lu Man said.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoli hugged her tightly, his gaze fixed closely on her face.

“Luckily, you got one more chance like this.

“Or else, I really wont have met you anymore,” Han Zhuoli said.

“In the previous lifetime, clearly when you were in trouble, I was just next door, but I didnt know, and I let you suffer so much.

In the end, when you died, no one could lend you a helping hand.

I passed by you just like that, and this makes me feel horrible.”

Thinking of how he had lost her once, a wave of paranoia suddenly rose in Han Zhuolis heart.

As if, if he was not careful, he would lose her again.

Living once more was like a mystery within a mystery, a thing that was beyond human control.

At the same time as Han Zhuoli thanked the heavens, he felt a sense of helplessness.

Heaven sent Lu Man to him, but what if it wanted to take her back

What should he do

What should he use to stop it

The moment Lu Man opened her eyes, she realized that she had revived.

Then what if she opened her eyes again and she vanished

Then what should he do

Han Zhuoli felt anxious and utterly paranoid.

It was all because he was unable to control it, so he could only worry like this, feeling that everything was beyond his control.

As he thought about that, Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man even more tightly.

His arms tightly locking her.

Lu Man felt as if her ribs were right against his, being squeezed so much by him until it hurt.

Her hands were placed on the sides of his waist, clutching onto his clothes.

“Im scared, scared that one day when I open my eyes, you will be gone.

And then someone beside me would tell me that this was all a dream.” Han Zhuolis voice shook a little.

“They will tell me that I am still alone, and I have never met you.

They also dont know you.

Im scared that this will happen, scared that I will never find you again.”

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