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Chapter 2230: This Doesnt Suit His Style

After learning of Lu Mans situation, Han Zhuoli could not help having wild thoughts.

All his thoughts had no good ending.

It was because he cared, that was why he would have wild thoughts and think of the worst.

In that instant just then, he even thought that there were less than four years left until the time when Lu Man had been burned in the fire in her past life.

Now that Lu Man was fine, was it because the heavens wanted her to come back and take revenge

So after she was about to be burned to death and when she had taken revenge, she might disappear.

Han Zhuoli let such wild thoughts run amok in his head, scaring himself.

He felt so nervous that he hugged her tighter and tighter.

Lu Man said in a gentle voice, “Actually, I thought about it before too.

Ever since I woke up that day, Ive had this worry.

I suddenly returned and started anew.

Then would the heavens suddenly take back my life Will I suddenly leave again Will there come a day when I wont wake up from my sleep I died in my past life.

If I realized that this life was all just an illusion, even if I go back, I cant return again.”

If she disappeared here, then she would really have disappeared completely.

“Its fine whenever I am busy, I dont think about all this nonsense,” Lu Man said.

“But the moment I am free, I will think about all sorts of things, afraid that everything that I have now is all an illusion.”

Lu Man broke into a bitter smile.

“Its probably because I also know that I have way too many things now, and thats why I am afraid of losing them, afraid that all the happiness that I have now will disappear.”

Experiencing such happiness only to lose it all overnight, this would be the most cruel fate.

“No!” Han Zhuoli hugged her tightly.

“Since the heavens gave you this chance to start all over again and gave me this chance to meet you, why would they take it away

“In this world, since theres such a mystical thing happening, then there will surely be some people or things connected to this that exist,” Han Zhuoli said resolutely.

“I will go and find it.

There must be someone who can explain this.

They can help us completely resolve this matter, so there wont be any accidents happening.”

Lu Man nodded, pressing herself tightly to his chest.

“I dont want to leave you,” Lu Man said in a low voice.

What the two of them were worrying about now were probably groundless fears.

But no matter what, at least if they could confirm it, it could completely ease their minds.

Previously, it was just Lu Man worrying about this matter on her own.

Although she never mentioned it, the stress had always been around.

It was only after she told Han Zhuoli that her heart really relaxed.

Han Zhuoli sharing this burden with her, the two of them working hard together, this really made her feel much more relaxed.

Lu Man thought to herself that she should have said something earlier to let him know about it.

“You wont leave me,” Han Zhuoli said firmly.

Han Zhuoli hugged her tightly and lowered his head to rain light kisses on her, kissing every part of her skin.

It was tinged with the sense of unease about the future, along with heartache.

Han Zhuoli suddenly stood up.

Naturally, he also carried Lu Man to stand up with him.

His lugging her like this made Lu Man hold on to his waist even more securely.

“Were not done eating…” Lu Man said in a small voice.

“Are you hungry” Han Zhuoli asked as he kissed the corners of her lips.

Hed asked as if, if Lu Man said she was hungry now, he would really stop.

Lu Man paused for a moment, blushing as she shook her head shyly.

At this moment, who would be in the mood to eat!

That was what she thought.

“Im hungry,” Han Zhuoli said in a hoarse voice.

Lu Man felt that it was strange.

Why would he say he was hungry now

This didnt suit his style.

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