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Chapter 2233: Go Support

“Xiaoya, you were there today, so why wasnt Han Zhuoling there Where did the hardcore couple go to!”

“Xiaoya, quick, go and talk to Han Zhuoling, ask him to participate in the show please!”

“On the fifth episode, when I couldnt see Han Zhuoling, I missed him, I miss him, and Im still missing him.”

“Xiaoya, please, ask Han Zhuoling, we miss him.”

When she saw all these comments, Shi Xiaoya felt so weirded out.

But these comments were weirdly interesting too, so Shi Xiaoya showed them to Han Zhuoling.

As Han Zhuoling really participated in the filming too infrequently, although he had the top spot for every episode, his total score added up was closer to the bottom.

His overall ranking was actually not high, and he was thus not eligible to participate in the final episodes final championship contest.

Actually, this was all written in the contract.

Originally, Han Zhuoling also did not intend to fight for the championship either, so he just symbolically participated in three episodes to boost the viewership for the show.

Who knew that with just three episodes, he would amass such massive popularity

After the finale episode ended, netizens still did not give up and still approached the production team to make their appeal, hoping that they could come up with a special episode to gather all the guests that had attended the show before.

This actually gave an idea to the production team, and they felt that this suggestion was plausible.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya went to prepare to attend the last special episodes filming.

Han Zhuoling felt that it was quite meaningful.

After all, he and Shi Xiaoya fell in love during this show, so he agreed as well.

“Oh right, Lu Man, are you preparing to set off for New York soon” Shi Xiaoya asked her while in the family home.

“Yeah.” Lu Man nodded.

“We will set off next week.

Were going over one week in advance, so we can get used to the time difference and familiarize ourselves with the environment over there at the same time.”

“Then have you found a makeup artist Or is your school in charge of all of that” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“I dont know if they are in charge of all of that, Ill only know when I go there and see.

If there is one, Ill see how the makeup artist does.

If theyre not too good, I will see if I can find someone suitable from the Han Corporations American company.”

Lu Man laughed and asked, “Why You have time to come and do makeup for me”

“I do have to make a trip to the US after filming the special episode for Survivor next weekend.

It happens to be in New York.

I did makeup for Yu Mingshu previously, and she felt that it was really not bad.

Coincidentally, their top mega charity fashion dinner is set to be held in New York this time,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“The theme for their charity dinner this time is Chinese oriental style,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Yu Mingshu then thought of me and felt that Western makeup artists, as well as westernized overseas Chinese makeup artists might not understand Chinese oriental style as well as our local makeup artists do.

They often produce an incongruous makeup style, so she invited me over to do makeup for her.”

Shi Xiaoya continued, “I was thinking that if the timing is suitable, I can do makeup for you too.”

When Lu Man heard that, of course she felt really happy and willing.

After all, Shi Xiaoyas standard was not only one of the top in the country, but even internationally, she also ranked in the top spots.

And even if she found an even more impressive makeup artist than Shi Xiaoya, the makeup artist would not be as familiar with her face as her.

Comparing her with whoever, Shi Xiaoya was still the most suitable candidate.

The two of them worked out the timing on the spot.

Old Mrs.

Han said in elation, “Your grandpa and I, along with Liye and Nuo, have also discussed it already.

We will also come along together to watch Man Man perform.

Anyway, we dont have much to do, so we can go and support Man Man.

Along the way, we can also go on a holiday.”

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