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Chapter 2234: If We Follow Along as Third Wheels, Thats Too Inappropriate

As she said that, Old Mrs.

Han said to Han Xijin, who was sitting beside Shen Nuo, “Seriously, someone is always absent during the familys group activities.”

It was fine if Han Dongping did not go, but Han Xijin not going was too ridiculous!

Han Xijin felt really wronged.

“Mom! Why dont you take a look at the situation Zhuoli insists on flying over to support Lu Man.

If hes not around, what about the company Wont I have to be the one staying behind”

Han Xijin pursed his lips and said, “If I dont stay, how can he go away for such a long time If he just went for a few days, its fine if theres no one left with the company.

But Man Man wants to go over one week in advance, and he wants to go with her.

Thered be no one with the company for half a month, and there are many things that cant be done remotely.

So, the only choice is that I stay behind.”

“Forget it, just take it that youre supporting your son and daughter-in-law.” Old Mrs.

Han instantly backtracked.

Han Xijin: “…”

Han Dongping cleared his throat and said, “This time, Ill go together with Liye.”

Old Mrs.

Han raised an eyebrow and looked at Han Dongping with a hint of surprise.

Han Dongping blushed from Old Mrs.

Hans stare and looked away awkwardly.

Everyone took his changes during this period to heart.

Lin Liye had not patched up with him and did not move back to stay with him.

But taking into account that Han Dongping had changed quite a lot, her attitude towards him became much better.

Han Dongping rarely interfered with the affairs of the younger generation now.

He could not even interfere with Han Zhuolings matters, much less Han Zhuolis.

Sometimes, when his old habit acted up, because Han Zhuoling was also around, not to mention Lin Liye, Han Dongping had to back down.

In the past, Han Zhuoling had not been in the country, so Lin Liye could not handle Han Dongping on her own.

Now that Han Zhuoling was back, Han Dongping had no say at home anymore.

Han Dongpings attitude towards Lu Man was also changing.

But he probably could not bear to lower his pride for the moment, so he had not officially apologized to Lu Man, but his attitude towards her had gotten much better.

Whether he apologized or not, Lu Man did not mind.

She could not possibly force Han Dongping to apologize to a younger person like her.

Everyone could just naturally change their attitudes to go with the flow.

But this time, Han Dongping actually wanted to go with Lin Liye to see Lu Mans performance, which still made Lu Man feel very surprised.

No one asked him, but Han Dongping even took the initiative to explain, “Im not especially going to watch Lu Man perform.

Just that Im worried for Liye going over there, so I want to come along.”

Old Mrs.

Han pursed her lips.

He might as well not have explained if this was his explanation, as if he was hiding his intentions.

But all their relations were moving towards a good direction.

Lu Man was all smiles.

She did not expose Han Dongpings stubbornness.

She wrapped her arm around Han Zhuolis elbow and just felt that everything before her eyes was already especially good.

“Oh right, Man Man, are your parents going” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

“They are, they are coming along with us,” Lu Man said, “Just perfect since my mom hasnt been to the US before.

Before my competition, Dad plans to show Mom around.”

“Aiyo! I thought the same way too!” Old Mrs.

Han slapped her thigh and said happily, “Just as well, we can go over together and walk around together!”

Old Mr.

Han said disdainfully, “Juhuai and his family are going on a honeymoon while theyre there, why are you going there to join in! Fine if you want to go and join in by yourself, but you even want to drag the whole bunch of us there to be third wheels together with you.

Thats too inappropriate.”

Old Mrs.

Han had been stopped by Old Mr.

Han, but actually, she felt that he made quite a lot of sense.

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