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Chapter 2241: If Xiaoya Is There, I Will Also Be There

He actually ranked high at the first spot and shook off Zhang Shuidong, who was in second place, by tens of thousands of votes.

It showed how earnestly the netizens hoped to see Han Zhuoling reappear in the show.

As for the other people in the rankings, if the person ranking high in the first place was also a fellow celebrity, they would have mobilized their fans no matter what, even to the point of buying votes, to boost their own vote numbers up the ranks.

Dont think this was just a popularity poll for a variety show.

It was also a way to prove ones fame and popularity.

And Survivor was a mega-hit variety show with very high viewership.

If they lost, or if their vote numbers had too large of a disparity with that of others, how embarrassing would that be

But now, the one in the first place ranking way ahead of others was Han Zhuoling, so everyone was at a loss as to what to do.

Besides how he was not a celebrity and did not intend to debut, he was a big boss and had power over all their futures and fates.

Who would go and fight it out with him for no reason!

Even if Han Zhuoling was in first place, that would have no impact on their careers.

As for competing for the second or third position, that would be meaningless now.

The person whom people could really remember was normally the one in the first place.

No one really remembered who was in the second or third place.

So the polls this time were actually unusually harmonious.

No one fought with one another, so no falling out happened either.

That was how the top 12 was determined.

Lu Dongliu started to contact them one by one based on the order of the rankings.

Among these 12 people, Shi Xiaoya was also included.

Of the netizens who voted for Han Zhuoling, around two-thirds also voted for Shi Xiaoya.

It showed that they really wanted to continue watching the two of them do their PDA on the show.

As for the remaining one-third, they were the people who could not accept their male idol being with Shi Xiaoya right from the start, or, in other words, theyre the people who could not accept Han Zhuoling being with anyone.

With the support of most of Han Zhuolings fans, plus Shi Xiaoyas own fans, she naturally got into this 12-member list.

Lu Dongliu stared at Han Zhuoling, who ranked first in the poll, and felt a little troubled.

If Han Zhuoling did not participate, their production team would definitely get scolded.

In the netizens eyes, it was not a matter of whether you were able to invite him or not.

It was that theyd used Han Zhuoling to play with them fans.

Since they knew they could not invite him, why did they still include Han Zhuoling in the list

Lu Dongliu sighed and braced himself to ask Han Zhuoling no matter what.

But he did not know that, actually, Han Zhuoling was also watching the polls at this time.

He saw that Shi Xiaoya had also entered the 12-people list.

At first, when Shi Xiaoya told Lu Man she was coming to participate in the special episodes filming, she thought she was coming as a makeup artist.

It was great now.

She would be coming to participate with a double-identity as both a makeup artist and a guest.

Han Zhuoling was looking at the list when he received Lu Donglius phone call.

“Young Master Ling, its me, Lu Dongliu,” Lu Dongliu said.

“You want to ask me to participate in the special episode” Han Zhuoling asked.

Lu Dongliu laughed awkwardly. Young Master Ling, youre really confident in yourself.

But let me tell you, its… its actually true!

Lu Dongliu did not have the guts to make fun of Han Zhuoling and immediately admitted, “Yes, Young Master Ling.

Do you have the time to”

“If Xiaoya is there, I will also be there,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Understood, understood.

Ill contact Xiaoya immediately!” Lu Dongliu immediately said.

Han Zhuoling saying that meant that he was agreeing already.

Shi Xiaoya was definitely participating.

Wasnt this a surefire thing

Hence, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya would participate in this newly added last special episode of the show together.

But after resolving this problem, the production team had to deal with a new problem.

The filming process for the show contained a segment where the crew would start filming from the moment the celebrities reached the hotel, including the scenes of them before sleeping and after waking up, as well as scenes of them after they returned to the hotel from the filming of the competition during the day.

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