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Chapter 2246: To Think Youre A Rich Second-generation Heir

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Its just that she did not make it too obvious, so it was not good for other people to say anything.

Zhang Shuidong and the others pretended to unintentionally edge Ni Xue away to prevent her from getting close to Han Zhuoling as much as possible.

During the break, Guo Yujie came to pass water to Shi Xiaoya and said in a low voice, “You didnt only focus on doing the mission just now, right Did you see what Ni Xue was doing over there”

“I saw.” Shi Xiaoya was not too happy about it deep down either.

In the past, she was more dense when it came to feelings.

But as she was in love now and had someone she cared about, she became much sharper.

This might be a natural skill for women.

When an enemy came to invade her territory and covet the person that belonged to her, alarm bells would immediately sound in her heart.

Shed become a professional who could spot a love rival with one look and identify sl*ts without anyone pointing them out.

Even if Ni Xue did not dare to make it too obvious, Shi Xiaoya could still tell.

“Doesnt she have a sponsor Isnt she scared that the sponsor will hear about this” Shi Xiaoya asked in a low voice.

“And this show will be aired.

The netizens are so impressive as to dig out so many things from just a little bit of detail.

Her petty schemes will definitely be seen through.”

Her reputation would stink then.

“So she also has her reservations and doesnt dare to make it too obvious,” Guo Yujie said in a low voice.

“But I heard that she and that sponsor seem to be reaching the end of their relationship.

Do you know who that sponsor of hers is”

“Who” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“To think that youre actually a rich second-generation heir!” Guo Yujie said sarcastically.

“Hes in the same circle as you yet you dont know and still have to ask me!”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Wasnt this because her gossip skills werent as strong as Guo Yujies

Anyway, she only knew her older brothers friends and Han Zhuolings friends.

Among those people, none would keep celebrities as mistresses.

“I asked around.

Its He Bi Jewelrys CEO, Dong Jianbi,” Guo Yujie said.

Shi Xiaoya really did not know who he was.

“He must be around fifty, right”

“You dont say” Guo Yujie pursed her lips and said, “Young and rich second-generation heirs are scarce resources.

You think anyone can just find a young one Those young ones only want to play but dont want to sponsor.

When they are on good terms with you, they will just give you some money and thats it.

There are those who invest in you to act, but there are not many of them.

Wont others have to find all these old ones”

Guo Yujie continued, “I heard Boss Dong quite likes young female stars, and he loves to find those who have just started their careers and have quite a lot of potential but still need some resources and opportunities.”

Usually, when Shi Xiaoya did makeup for celebrities, Guo Yujie would go and find staff members to chat with after she was done with her work, from those working with management companies to those working in media corporations.

Shi Xiaoya felt that Guo Yujie probably had around the same amount of gossip as that of paparazzi reporters.

“I heard from people that because they just debuted and havent had the chance to find a sponsor yet, they are considered clean and pure, and they are also young.

After a while, when he gets tired of them and the person has also gotten quite a fair bit of resources from him, he will turn to his next target.

“I heard that that Boss Dong already has a new target now, and he already gave Ni Xue a sum of money before this.

And as their breakup gift, he even gifted her a resource,” Guo Yujie said.

“So shes thinking of finding another sponsor now.

“Even if this airs on television and her sponsor sees it, she need not be scared,” Guo Yujie said.

“Actually, speaking of that, her ex-sponsor is also said to have been squeezed dry by her..

But a person like Ni Xue who has no morals wont care if she squeezed other people dry.”

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